December 15, 2014 | Updated: December 21, 2018


The new app for Ipad by L´Antic Colonial is available for download

L’Antic Colonial launches the new app for Ipad, developed to make the work of both architects and interior designers easier that bank on the use of PORCELANOSA Group natural materials for their projects.

By means of a new tool for iOS operative system mobile devices, users can easily gain quick access to the  list of L’Antic Colonial products,  that display all the information available about natural stone, wooden floor and wall tiles, mosaics and the unique bathroom collections.

The user is also shown additional audio-visual material, a section where one can find videos about events, corporative information and pieces which are bound to inspire the user in their creative procedures, as well as technical videos that are very educational and focused on guiding the building professionals on the installation and maintenance procedures.

Aimed at speeding up the choice and documentation of professional projects, this interactive catalogue allows for the creation of lists of custom-made products, where on completion, can be sent directly by email, without needing to leave the application.

In addition, this new app has got a store locator available, which lists all the PORCELANOSA Group showrooms that are provided with the exhibition and sale of the natural materials by L’Antic Colonial in the world, and with a precise location finder, which makes the users of the app feel more comfortable.

Download the new L’Antic Colonial app here.

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