February 5, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The latest innovations from the 25th PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition: combinations of textures in the new RANGE wood flooring by L’Antic Colonial

From January 29 to February 2, the 25th International Global Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition was held at the headquarters of L’Antic Colonial, which saw the new collection of Range natural wood flooring stand out. We are dealing with a piece whose aesthetic uniqueness and versatility offers a huge number of decorative possibilities.

The collection shows an aged weathered finish. Additionally, this oakwood offers a tone variation which is noticeable in each slat and it is also noticeable in its knots.

This texture characteristic is not the same in all the pieces, but each box contains slats with a different application. In this way, one can find elements with scratches on both sides or on just one, even made diagonally or a smoother slat where this texture is not noticeable. The combination ensures high levels of uniqueness and exclusivity, as well as a genuine finish.

Regarding the colour range, it goes from a lighter softer colouring, such as Range Provenza, to a darker and more energetic one in a brown tone, like Range Normandia.  One can find Range Bretaña in between, in a neutral tone and intense brown colour; and also, the Range Alsacia, which offers an impressive suggestive colouring which extends the possibilities in this collection.

Additionally, one of the main characteristics of the Range flooring is its large format, since it is made up of four different 220cmx22cm models. We are dealing with the ideal size for large-scale facilities, as well as those projects that look for a spacious effect and a more natural look.

Range is presented showing a fresh design which can provide any space with unique sensations and that distinctive touch.

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