January 31, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The latest innovations at the PORCELANOSA Group’s 25th International Exhibition: light becomes material with the Sydney wall tile by Venis

Sydney is the new wall tile that Venis, the firm that belongs to the PORCELANOSA Group, has created for the 25th Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition. A piece that captures the essence of light with a finish that exudes luminosity.

With an ethnic and elegant look, Sydney focuses on dynamism and movement through a mini-spike pattern which not only adapts to, but enhances, any decorative style.

There are thousands of details and textures offered by Venis in three colours: Gold, Silver and Pearls. The first two colours have a metallic finish, ideal for creating spaces where an industrialised character is sought after. Pearls, however, offers a glossy white finish that transmits clarity and harmony.

This ceramic material, showcased in the latest edition of Cersaie 2017, will once again be the main attraction at the 25th Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition, enhancing the aesthetic of each of the atmospheres created in the Venis showroom.

In these atmospheres, Sydney with other smooth and monochromatic wall tiles and floor tiles are combined to enhance the uniqueness of the piece, along with creating a current and contemporary atmosphere.

Regarding the format, Sydney has a size of 33.3cmx100cm and subsequent grouting. This means that the joint between the mini spikes and the joint between the pieces must be the same. In this way, thanks to its large format size and its subsequent grouting, Sydney offers a uniform finish, with greater naturalness and a sense of continuity.

25 years of International Exhibitions, building the design of the future in one click; and all the latest innovations from the PORCELANOSA Group, from January 29 to February 2.

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