December 12, 2017 | Updated: December 26, 2018


The latest ceramic designs by L’Antic Colonial

The traditional essence and authenticity which characterises L’Antic Colonial, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Group, is clearly noticeable in its two new ceramic collections: Touch and Nazari. The craft tradition which joins ceramic versatility and durability together through designs which are full of style.

Characteristics such as the variety of colours, designs and formats are those which add strength to this series. Pieces which are blended into a huge number of different atmospheres to create unique spaces where ceramic plays a major role and stands out as the distinctive feature.

Touch ceramic: tradition and modernity

The Touch collection is made up of four models: Navy, Bottle, Pearl and Linen. Rectangular 7.5cmx30cm wall tiles with different patterns and striking original colours. Pieces which convey a really strong craft concept which is also enhanced by their irregular edges. A traditional aesthetics which contrasts with the modernity of its designs. Smooth pieces, with lines, small squares or spots are some of the distinctive signs which can be seen in the collection.

In this way, the Touch collection is specifically aimed at the creation of versatile eye-catching spaces. Its gloss finish enhances the feeling of heterogeneity which is made up of the different pattern styles.

Nazari ceramic: colours with a Mediterranean theme

The Nazari collection is inspired by North-African traditional ceramic, with a Mediterranean essence. Its irregular edges and deliberate imperfections take us to wonderful Moroccan cities where this material plays a major role. The different options offered by the Nazari collection are: Ifrane, Chauen, Marrakech, Salé, Fes and Asilah, in a 11.5cmx11.5cm format.

Pieces which take us to the Mediterranean shore and which fill the atmosphere with six colours: white, turquoise, yellow, grey, green and pink. Colours which, thanks to their enamelled gloss finish, create lively sets full of energy.

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