July 6, 2016


The first PORCELANOSA Group showroom in Siberia, Russia

The Russian city of Novosibirsk becomes the first place in Siberia to have a comprehensive exhibition of products from the  PORCELANOSA Group.

On the 16th of June, a historical inauguration was held for the company, because Porcelanosa Associates officially installed a showroom in the Russian Federation which was attended by over 100 people including designers, architects and members of the local press.

The location

The location choice has been key to this new showroom. Around 350 m2 of exhibition space, at the Melnitsa Design Centre, a space in which architects and designers of the city can find a wide range of materials, as well as interior design services.

Melnitsa is an old flour mill, built in 1910, in which art exhibitions and conferences are held regularly, making it a location that combines history and innovation. Perfect to accommodate this new showroom from the PORCELANOSA Group in the country.

The Exhibition

In the exhibition, the most innovative products in terms of ceramic combinations, both floor tiles and wall tiles, mosaics, sanitaryware and furniture are included.

It also has a technical area in which solutions from Butech for designers and architects are shown to study the various combinations of materials.

It has also provided a Lifestyle area with the aim of making presentations and lectures on innovations from the PORCELANOSA Group.

The event

As a tribute to agricultural origin of the porcelain industry in Vila-real, the company began the opening by planting an orange tree instead of the traditional red ribbon cutting. Later, a memorial plaque to the new associates was handed. This was collected by the store manager Sergey Davydov.

Then, a draw to win a trip to visit the PORCELANOSA Group factory will be held on the 3rd of October. Finally, the attendees were able to have all their doubts cleared up by asking questions to the factories’ representatives who attended the event.


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