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The bathroom of the future: Its design and equipment will be like this in 20 years

Can you even imagine what the bathroom of the future will be like? What characteristics would you like to see in it?

We are not able to imagine what our day-to-day routine will be like in twenty or thirty years. However, the current trends in the bathroom equipment allow us to foresee what the designs of the future would be like as well as what needs the most advanced equipment could cover. Efficiency and sustainability are two concepts which not only dominate the pace in the manufacturing of bathroom equipment products, but also in the near future where it could become more than necessary.

ECO Design: The future is efficiency

Becoming more aware of sustainability and environmental friendliness, most of us commit ourselves to both water saving and energy efficiency when designing a bathroom or carrying out a remodelling. The gradual natural resource depletion will make everyone even more aware, thus, outlining what the bathroom of the future would be like. Both the minimum energy use and the maximum use of resources could be the key in order to not affect the environment. Some practices which, without doubt, are able to be carried out by means of making use of the most advanced technology.

Noken, PORCELANOSA Group‘s bathroom equipment firm, now offers technological designs in line with the ECO Design of the future. For instance, Noken offers the wall-hung sanitaryware from the Forma series, equipped with a concealed cistern with frame, which allows for reducing the consumption of water by up to a minimum of 3 litres and to a maximum of 4,5 by making use of a dual-use of the cistern.

On the other hand, the cold water opening system incorporates efficient taps represented by the NK Concept collection. Both water and energy consumption are reduced, since hot water is only used when it is really needed.  Furthermore, and thanks to the use of the ECO aerator, the flow rate in its highest level is 4,5 litres per minute, thus, resulting in a water saving up to 60% compared to other taps.

Bathrooms at the service of technology

One of the other factors to bear in mind is technology. That is the reason why a bathroom of the future should be guided by innovation and the most advanced technology, in the operating system as well as in the interactive experience and multi-support.

The bathroom needs to be customised and completely adapted to each and every user. The bathroom of the future could be presented as if it fitted in with every family member’s experience, automatically: ranging from the customised temperature control of the room, to the mood music, the lighting or the basin height or the sanitaryware’s.

One of the other predictions regarding the bathroom of the future turns out to be the introduction of the interactive experience and the multi-screen display in the bathroom. Surfing the web will be possible while having a bath, as well as contacting a personal trainer or accessing any other recreational app.

Whatever the future brings, Noken already has excellent technological designs for bathroom equipment, such as the NK Concept sanitaryware seat with a washing function or the bathtub with the SX4 equipment. This bathtub model offers not only the whirlpool with water, air and chromotherapy, but also an automatic disinfection programme.

Both the Mood Digital and the Pure Line taps show the great advance in the world of technology in the bathroom. The Mood taps make controlling the opening and closing of the flow rate possible, as well as the temperature thanks to a digital controller. The Pure line taps, on the other hand, are fitted with the innovative pulse opening system, which works with just a single touch.

Imagine the design of the future

With regard to design, the latest trends in interior design make us imagine the liveliest avant-garde atmospheres, with future-oriented ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles and even basin and bathtub designs which blend into the infinity. The bathroom design appears to be limitless, by means of the use of thermo-curving mouldable materials, such as the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, which allow us to go wherever our imagination takes us.

The minimalism, or the idea that ‘less is more’, is one of the other perspectives that the bathroom of the future is heading for, as well as the customisable multi-modular spaces.

Bathrooms: spaces of both escape and rest

The last of the trends that the bathroom of the future is heading for, is that of becoming a space for both escaping to and relaxing in. In other words, to create that place where one seeks refuge and an escape from daily stress. The main objective is to create both pleasant and cosy atmospheres, by means of the cutting-edge technology, needed to be able to enjoy a shower with unique and relaxing experiences.

Future technology will allow for customising spaces even more and will have an impact on our emotional state because of the colour, perfume, sound and virtual reality. But the real thing is that nowadays we already have perfect bathroom options to help us on our way to see what the spa will be like in 20 or 30 years.

Let either the Seasons or the Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy take you to the highest peak of calmness, serenity and relaxation by choosing a bath of colour. Choosing the colour tone which best suits your mood becomes possible, as well as choosing different water options: rain, column or cascade effects.

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