July 25, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The Austin porcelain tile by Venis: a natural and elegant journey around the world

Venis, in a clear commitment to innovation and cutting-edge materials specifically designed for architecture and interior design, brings out the Austin collection. This firm from the PORCELANOSA Group expands its porcelain tile series, a resistant and highly durable material that can be installed as indoor and outdoor floor tiles and wall tiles. The Austin porcelain tile is capable of withstanding adverse conditions and sudden changes in temperature, including extreme heat and rain, with a clean and simple look. These technical characteristics make it the perfect material for challenging projects and spaces, such as business premises or indoor atmospheres with high people traffic, as well as terraces and outdoor environments. Also, inside the home, it can be installed in wet rooms, and in rooms where there is more heat such as the bathroom and the kitchen, giving continuity to more common rooms such as the living room or the bedroom. Thanks to its adaptability to any indoor or outdoor space and its resistant features, this porcelain tile extends the decorative possibilities of projects, creating continuous spaces with unique beauty.

Another feature Austin has is that it can be installed on façades. This porcelain tile performs superbly on the coatings on buildings, both on the ventilated facade system and the bonded façade.

On a journey with Austin: three chromatic finishes on the same porcelain tile

With the Austin porcelain tile by Venis, its elegance and authentic spirit really stand out. Inspired by natural stone, Austin moves the origin of nature to interior design and architecture through its multiple nuances. The Austin collection has three chromatic finishes in sandy shades, with an impeccable finish and exclusive aesthetic: The Austin Natural which is inspired by sand and its special luminosity; Austin Gray, which has a deep character granted by its medium tone; and Austin Dark Gray, whose dark contrasts invite us to move further into the atmosphere in which it is installed.

The formats

For floor tiles, this porcelain tile is available in two formats: 40x80 cm x 10 mm thick and 59.6x120 cm x 11.5 mm thick; it has a polished rectified finish, specially treated to provide it with a high-sheen; and a shade variation (v3).

In contrast, if one wants to use it as a wall tile, the pieces have a format that come in 45x120 cm x 10.5 mm thickness. Regarding the shade variation, similar to that of the floor tile, it comes in a matt-gloss finish, combining the natural non-glossy look from the natural stone with brighter areas.

The Austin collection stands out from the rest of the porcelain tile models due to the warmth and elegance of its design, making a practical and comfortable atmosphere thanks to this material’s features, which at the same time, inspires harmony and exclusivity for its aesthetic based on natural stone.


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