September 19, 2016

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Group finalists’ Awards: wavy nature in Teaker, Professionals Forward-Looking Projects

Environmental protection through the concept of a natural space in which one can take shelter in and around a cup of tea was the leitmotiv which Katarina Rulinkaya wanted to convey with her project: Teaker.

A concept store that combines cutting-edge design, along with the pairing of white and wood, was one of the finalists at the 9th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the Professionals Forward-Looking Projects category.

Katarina Rulinskaya, a professional from the VSTU studio, in Vitaebsk, Belarus, created a space for the sale of tea next to a restaurant that plays with, and combines spaces, as well as with wall volumetrics. By using the materials from L’Antic Colonial, Rulinkaya created wavy parametric wooden panels that resemble tea fields, which take us a little closer to nature. An exquisite design that certainly makes for a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, and furthermore, one that is perfect for communication between people when they are relaxing and having a nice cup of tea or coffee. Connecting with the origin and giving cause to the highest expression of authenticity, along with the large windows that let natural light come flowing inside.

Regarding the wood, which allows for showing the project name thanks to its careful arrangement, it is also present on the floor tiles, through the Cardiff laminate flooring, as well as in the kitchen or bathrooms. Gamadecor brings its innovation in kitchen equipment and bathroom furniture through some of its latest designs. These two atmospheres, because of their need for heat resistance or moisture, stand out because of integrating floor tiles and wall tiles with character and high resistance, as well as the keramogranit porcelain tile from Urbatek.

If you advance to the restaurant area, you can be surprised by the selection of traditional materials such as natural wood, combined with the cutting-edge compact mineral, KRION® Solid Surface. The acrylic stone is present in part of the furniture, providing its versatility in any project. The chosen version in this case is KRION® Light Lux Series Yellow Light, in backlit surface.

A natural and contemporary concept-store project, authentic and sustainable, with the quality and design contribution from PORCELANOSA Group.


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