May 24, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards: the technology concept-store by Héctor Romero García in the Forward-looking Projects section – category: Professionals

The fascinating world of robotics dominates the award-winning project at the 9th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the category of Forward-looking Projects – Professionals.

The ambitious technological project, carried out by Héctor Romero García, from the Volteo studio, perfectly reproduces the insight of an innovative future-oriented concept-store, a lively commercial area with wide spaces where one can interact with robots, prototypes, drones, small vessels and even with sophisticated radio-controlled vehicles.

Its concept of design is built around the idea that the professional coins like “skin” or “membrane”, a dynamic and elastic-alike wall tile with the thermocurved property of the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact,  and which is present all over the project. The acrylic stone of Systempool, which is both highly long-lasting and resistant, covers not only the façade of the concept-store, but also its walls and roofs, thus, recreating a future feeling of infinity. The model by KRION® used in both cases is the 1100 KRION® Snow White, which has been excellently combined together with the Town White Polished  through-body porcelain of Urbatek in the central area of the structure, a material suitable for installing in commercial spaces.

One of the other characteristics of this exclusive project, is the setting up of a background with a textured pattern simulating an electronic circuit underneath that “skin” of KRION®. As if it were a mechanism, the project exudes its technological insight, which has been achieved thanks to the masterful use of the Solid Surface in the KRION® Yove version.

Apart from the use of state-of-the-art materials, such as KRION®, the original project by Héctor Romero García reveals an avant-garde design, since it offers a commercial experience, which is typical of the stores of the future. Once inside, a robot gives the visitor a warm welcome and informs them about its arrangement, accommodating an exhibition area; a multi-functional area with tables where educational workshops, presentations and seminars can be given; a water pond area; or a reading area. In addition to this, it is also possible to enjoy an area of audio-visual exhibition, where the visitor can not only keep up to date with the retrospectives and the evolution of robotics, but also can get in touch with the latest robot prototypes.

Lastly, on the top floor, one can find the restaurant, the second essential part of the top store, the toilets, the repair workshop, and the workers office.

PORCELANOSA Group and its quality materials are also present in the restaurant area of the concept-store, by means of the flooring , such as the Wet Technic 1L Bristol from L’Antic Colonial or the Dark Grey by KRION® version. On the other hand, in the bathrooms, one can find the most advanced innovative bathroom equipment by Noken, as well as the bathroom furniture from Gamadecor, the set of Ciclo Roble Cal; or the sensual touch and sophistication represented by the fusion Hexagon Steel mosaic by L’Antic Colonial, in a creative blend into the KRION® Strawberry.

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