August 1, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018

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The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: KRION® in the Ludy Optician’s shop regarding Completed Projects

Because of its thermoforming properties in curved sections that create any structure and shape, the mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Group turns out to be the ideal material when creating distinctive commercial spaces.

This time, it has been an optician’s shop, to be precise, Ludy Optician’s shop, located in Torrelavega, Cantabria, which has opted for the KRION® Solid Surface, the stand out product in this project.

The acrylic stone by Systempool is the base of the entire project, which has been carried out by the professionals working for Campa&Lamar Architecture studio, associate technicians. In fact, one can find KRION® both in the exterior façade of the shop and in the interior arrangement, as well as in the functional furniture design.

With regard to the exterior façade, it has finishes by KRION®, both in the baseboard and in its delimitation. The access is also finished with vertical profiles in the Solid Surface, which highlight the exclusive shop window display areas, which come in different sizes and trapezoidal shapes. Likewise, these have been placed at different heights, thus, turning the rest of the shop into a big shop window.

In order to solve the scarcity of areas and sort out the narrowing of the shop, Campa&Lamar opted for highlighting the locking system of the optometry office, which was manufactured with thermocurved backlit KRION®. An experience which provided the shop with tremendous brightness, based on three large ceiling luminaires. The curved partition enclosed within the locking system, was made up of 6mm-thick KRION® Extreme Light 4102 sheets with an interior cavity wall finished in a panel. It is in this cavity wall where the led strips, those providing the unique brightness, were placed.

Furthermore, the access door, made up of sliding leaf doors, was manufactured with KRION® Dark Grey, with a height of 2,8 metres. KRION® Dark Grey 6906 was the version of the mineral compact used in the pillars, curved items where the circular pieces by KRION® are, with a built-in design in mirrors.

With regard to the furniture, everything was designed in KRION®, in other words, a material capable of creating unbelievable shapes. By means of its handling and thermocurving properties, display walls with perimetral lighting, personalised assistance desks, the cash desk, contact lenses testing desks and niches were created. Likewise, and thanks to the endless properties of the Solid Surface, making some space for the letters with the corporative name in the working posts was possible by semi-embedding the three-dimensional letters.

Almost all the furniture has been manufactured in white, in the KRION® Snow 1100 version. Just the perimetral front sides have been manufactured with the KRION® Dark Grey and in a dark tone, thus, in contrast to the previous version and the projected led lighting with a higher strength both in the interior and the exterior of the display.

Last, but not in the least less important, it is worth mentioning the floor tiles. The people in charge of the project have banked on the highly-resistant Stylker Dark porcelain tile by Venis, in the 19,3x120cm. format. It is a greyish wood inspired floor which provides the interior design with greater warmth.

Because of its uniqueness and the excellent use of PORCELANOSA Group materials, the Ludy Optician’s shop in Torrelavega was one of the finalist projects at the 9th Porcelanosa Architecture and Interior Design Awards, in the Completed Projects category.

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