December 12, 2016 | Updated: December 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: ecological commitment and vine-producing inspiration from Almería

From the region of Huercal-Overa, located in the east of Almeria, one of the finalist projects at the 9th PORCELANOSA Awards regarding the Forward-looking projects category is presented. The design portrays a wine store and a bar/restaurant built in a rectangular-shaped container providing high versatility to its location.

The architect, Miguel Ángel Uribe Martínez, from the Qodice Arquitectura studio, set up a rectangle with a golden ratio whose location can be in any urban or rural environment, thanks to its adaptability, both in shape and scale.

Exterior integration through an urban garden

The project includes an urban perimetral garden built into the beauty of the building, with direct access to the kitchen, as the possibility of self-sufficiency is a must.

Likewise, the position of the garden plays a major role regarding the building’s facade so that the key image of the set is its woodland.

To achieve a perfect finish outdoors, the LinkFloor vinyl flooring by L’Antic Colonial has been chosen.  It is the ideal flooring for a project like this because of its high resistance to abrasion, knocks, damp, staining and chemical agents. The Wet Technic 1L London model has been chosen for the flooring, whereas the Wet Plus Anthracite has been the choice for some important touches in the urban garden.

With regard to the façade, the full through-body porcelain  by Urbatek in the Concrete Black Nature finish has been installed, which imitates the concrete effect and provides the building with a contemporary appearance.

Interior inspired by vine-growing

The architect was inspired by both the vine-producing culture and the typical colours of the grapes when designing the interior of the building, where the graceful pillars holding the ceiling up really stand out.

Over the slanting coffered ceiling, modern lamps are hung which uniformly light up the space whenever daylight does not come in through the big glass windows dominating the space.

Both green and lilac are the dominant colours in the interior, and so, reminding us of a vineyard, as well as the main ingredient in the wine.

For that purpose, the people in charge of the project have banked on the wide colour range of the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact because of its high resistance and versatility, therefore, choosing neutral colours such as white and black for the dominant areas, and tones that remind us of the barberry, such as the green and purple.

With regard to the bathrooms, the Island textured ceramic by the firm Venis, has been the choice for some areas in the wall tiles. In both the White and Dark Grey finishes, this material provides easy maintenance and it has a modern look.

Ecological commitment

The materials by PORCELANOSA Group used for this project and the architect’s intention when building an urban orchard in the construction, turn out to be a clear commitment to the ecological vocation of the project.

The oxygen bubble representing the vegetal added value to this project, making it suitable for its location in major cities.

In conclusion, it is a restaurant which searches for the contrast between an airtight inside and a natural outside to make the energy efficiency and the eco-friendly sustainability easier, both of them being such valued characteristics in modern constructions.

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