November 28, 2016 | Updated: December 18, 2018

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: a combination of glazed volumes in Completed Projects

In Majadahonda, in the north-west of Madrid, we find one of the finalist projects at the 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards in the Completed Projects category. A residential project with a high-luxury profile and uniqueness, and which is presented as an impressive combination of glazed volumes, thus, enhancing the view of the outside, as well as providing natural light inside.

The project author, Marta González from Marta González Architects gave this single-family home façade the utmost importance, which is predominantly covered with just one material: zinc. It is the same material as that used for the roof, conceived as another plan for the façade. So, both the façade and the roof are intertwined in the same way, thus, they appear visually interconnected.

The lower part of the building is covered by limestone and separated from the zinc façade by a piece of cracked glass, this way, one can notice the separation between the different house heights. It is also worth highlighting the residence access, a space with a sheet of water in led that leads to a covered porch and a double-height lobby. All the public elements in this project have been arranged in the vicinity of the swimming pool, an original L-shaped construction surrounded by a garden area.

The interiors: spaciousness, brightness and elegance

The whole house has been set out in a central layout, thus, optimising the space and connecting the different floors around a raised staircase with white stone steps. On the ground floor, all the spaces are glazed, thus, allowing for a magnificent interior-exterior unity, by connecting both the swimming pool and the garden with the lounge in the house, a double-height space, with both excellent spaciousness and brightness, which becomes an essential piece of the house’s framework.

As well as that, the bathrooms play a major role thanks to the quality and innovation provided by the use of the PORCELANOSA Group materials regarding flooring and wall tiles in the design. Specifically, wall tiles by both Porcelanosa and Venis have been used in highly sophisticated models such as Street, Crystal Dark, Glaciar, the Zen Antracita mosaic or the Marmi China Blanco and Line Blanco, among others. The kitchen tiling is also by Venis, which is the Street model.

In short, it is an all over fully-equipped house, whose construction has been provided with high-innovation systems regarding heating and cooling by means of both a geothermal and heating and a coolant floor installation.

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