August 8, 2016 | Updated: December 18, 2018

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The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Awards finalists: a captivating oenological atmosphere in Forward-looking Projects-Professionals

Gourmet spaces are fashionable today, and proof of this is the recently created community that surrounds this phenomenon called ‘foodie’. Leisure and refined cuisine have become inseparable in recent times, so a concept store project such as “Andana de Vinos” could not go unnoticed at the 9th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

Andana de Vinos, finalist in the category Projects Future-Professional, is the gastronomic challenge by Jesus Torne Valle. It is a commercial and on-trade project in which oenology plays a leading role, living with catering in two permeable and visually unified spaces.

The wine shop and the restaurant are delimited by delicate wine exhibitors, conferring both domestic and pleasant aesthetics to both areas. This furniture hides structural elements, so it is possible to see through them, and at the same time, feel how spaces flow.

The chosen PORCELANOSA Group material for covering the cabinet shelves is the extra slim  XLight porcelain tile, offering it in a white design, together with both durability and easy maintenance. Metal profiles, however, come from the shelving unit from Emotions kitchens by  Gamadecor.

Regarding porcelain tiles, this is the perfect project to be installed in contract projects. Aware of this, Jesus Torne opted again for the Xlight from Urbatek to coat the concept store counter, which acquires a unique classic charm thanks to the NVY series inspired by marble.

Next to the shopping area, there is a small store and a specialised room dedicated to wine tasting. The KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral takes on a special role in this space, which has been used in the main furniture in its KRION® white and black KRION® versions. The acrylic stone is a proven antibacterial material specifically used for food. So, their suitability is confirmed in an hotelier project of this nature.

Also, the Solid Surface is also present on the ceilings, being the pergolas manufactured material, as well as in bathroom equipment, by the Unique collection of Systempool. Taps, meanwhile, are from the firm, Noken, offering the geometric evolution of its Lounge collection with innovative floor mounted models.

With regard to the bathroom area wall tiles, it is the infallible elegant “Black and White” that is banked on. To do this, XLight Dark from Urbatek is combined with the Marmi smooth White China wall tile from Porcelanosa.

The last of the indoor areas in the concept store is the kitchen, and in order to fit it out, Jesus Torne has opted for the inclusion of the Emotions kitchen from Gamadecor, combined with black KRION® and Xlight NVY from Urbatek. Conceived for professional use, it is entirely open but in some areas it is joined together. The plating up process would be done on a showcooking like island, by involving the diner in a gastronomical experience.

The facade has a double lattice, whose slats are made in grey KRION®. This lattice hides the building’s structure, and furthermore, it allows for sunlight control while being able to preserve the privacy of the room.

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