October 10, 2016

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Group Award Finalists: KRION® and wood in Students Forward-Looking Projects

Trends in architecture lead professionals to design common public spaces in which they develop endless activities, as well as encouraging creativity. The Advanced Infoarchitecture Master’s (CICE, Madrid) student, Pablo Acitores, based his project on this idea, which created a multifunctional concept store with an urban spirit, and furthermore, it was carried out with the most advanced materials from the  PORCELANOSA Group.

His project, a finalist at the 9th Porcelanosa Architecture and Interior Design Awards  in the Students Forward-Looking Projects is based on the generation of a building unit which can serve as a focal point of concentration activity. The main idea was to implement a simple assembly and disassembly system which could be installed in any location in the city in order to generate public activity. Thus, ‘Scroll’ is a concept store in motion that both encourages and invites movement, thanks to its versatility as an exhibition space, a reading promotion centre, a setting, etc.

In his initial idea, the student from the Madrid Centre for New Technologies designed a concept store that combines an ecological product store, in which all citizens can participate, with a small restaurant based on the ‘organic food’. A natural and traditional essence based on the most environmentally friendly products also transmitted through the design, through the predominant use of wood. This material is integrated into almost all floor tiles, as well as vertical composition elements, creating a dramatic colour contrast. An effect, that undoubtedly makes obtaining a very bright and friendly space possible, as well as being both warm and welcoming.

The main attraction in this daring contrast of tones is the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral. The cutting-edge material from PORCELANOSA Group is presented in thermocurved in ‘Scroll’, allowing for definition full of the horizontal planes.

The store enclosure, meanwhile, is made up of vertical laminated wooden slats, following the circular unit form. Furthermore, these rotate, allowing for the creation of private spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms. Its uniqueness also lies in its overture to both the shop and restaurant area, so that the indoor space is perfectly interconnected with the outdoor space in the square where it is located.


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