December 19, 2016 | Updated: December 18, 2018

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The 9th PORCELANOSA Finalists Awards: how gastronomy and fashion come together in Forward-Looking Projects -Students

The creation of a clear open space is the main objective by Continuum. It is a project presented at the 9th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Finalist Awards in the Forward-Looking Projects- Student category.

Created by the CICE Madrid student, David Luís García, Continuum is based on the idea of continuity, therefore, achieving the coming together of gastronomy and fashion.

The design

The unobstructed sense of space is achieved by the continuous repetition of elements which puts the whole space together, with white and wood being the prevailing tones.

The strips with curved edges that are positioned throughout the premises, and which make up both the restaurant tables and the fashion accessory showcases which finish off the project, succeed in giving shape to the useful areas without compromising that continuity achieved by the colour white and the use of materials mostly from the PORCELANOSA Group.

The space neatness and brightness stimulate and contrast with the use of wood on the front wall, in the main bar and also in some small details regarding the showcase shelves.

Additionally, the layout of the premises serves this harmony well, where the dining room, the bars and the showcases are intermixed.  All of them are in the same space, therefore, creating an ideal connection between each piece and the overall idea of the project.

The materials

The KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact is the main material used in the Continuum main hall. It makes up the curved slats which dominate the whole space, which fit in perfectly with the restaurant tables and showcases.

In particular, the model used is the KRION® SNOW series 1100, which is combined with one of the models by  L’Antic Colonial, made of natural wood for the front wall tiles and shelves.

With regard to the furniture, the choice for the chairs belongs to the SEVEN series by Gamadecor in the Roble Blanco Cal and Roble Coco Vintage finishes, continuing with the prevailing colour white which characterises the project.

Furthermore, the bar has a sink manufactured with KRION® Basic which fits perfectly with the rest of the items. This material has been also used in the bathroom basins, which are fitted with the taps and the sanitaryware by the firm, Noken, to be precise, from the Forma and Mood collections, respectively.

In conclusion, it is an innovative project based on minimalism and a proper use of materials to achieve total continuity and functionality.

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