May 24, 2019 | Updated: May 28, 2019


The 2nd International Mexico Innovations Exhibition

On May the 21st, 22nd and 23rd, Porcelanosa held the 2019 International Innovations Exhibition in Mexico for the second year. The event, held in its Valle Dorado showroom which covers more than 1.200m2, was where the new collections and trends from the company were showcased in 25 atmospheres and stations with different activities. There, technology and innovation, the power of nature, geometric shapes and the care for detail, defined the collections.

For each area, experts from Porcelanosa went over the latest innovations for those 1.500 people attending, through dynamic and interactive activities which showed the quality, the design, the innovation and the socio-environmental responsibility which the company’s materials have. Among the activities which were carried out, the new KRIONTM space “For Design” was opened. It has this name because now it has become a much more tangible experience for people to see, who can get to know the material in its different applications by way of direct interactions.

A cooking show on the worktop was put on in one of the kitchens, in which chocolate clusters were prepared to showcase the characteristics of the XTONE material. As well as that, there was an informative explanation about “Water Forest”, with the aim of informing people and raising awareness about water care, among many other activities which made up an ideal atmosphere which helped the essence of the Spanish brand to be felt by all.


Welfare committed to the environment

All the possibilities of the collections were sought after, through large atmospheres and areas. The custom-made design which has been set out in the company premises, places the product in a specific context and this allows visitors to see all the elements which make up Porcelanosa from different perspectives.

Among the latest innovations, there is the large size ceramic, which banks on sustainability, one of the main objectives for the company, due to the fact that in the production processes, methods and criteria which respect the environment are applied. An example of this is Forest line, which is a ceramic parquet made of 95% recycled material. This is designed for large surfaces, homes and buildings which join design with ecology.

KRIONTM, the solid surface mineral compact from the group which has 20% recycled material that preserves an urban aesthetic linked to the new interior design, showcases its new tones: Amaro, Grigio and Luce; offering the same advantages of this material, namely: thermocurved, zero porosity, flexibility, impact resistance and easy maintenance.

In terms of bathrooms, Noken presents WaterForest, a line which promotes the saving of resources in the bathroom with ECO products and sustainable living habits, a range of products with which users can get to know how much water they consume and how much they can save with the new equipment.

Another attraction is XTONE by Urbatek, the most complete solution for architects and interior designers. This large-size porcelain tile is made of natural minerals and has a 12mm thickness, and its composition prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. As well as that, it not only stops a buildup of dirt but also it withstands both low and high temperatures. In addition, its custom-made design has a large number of varieties and possibilities for surfaces, namely: kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and even facades.

With innovation and technological development leading the way, Porcelanosa has gone one step further in its Emotions kitchens line. Providing a balance between design, innovation and quality; new wood finishes are showcased, giving freshness to the series, along with offering different wall tile options. These are suitable for any space and need, along with the new handles and the solid and matt finishes for furniture.

This year, design takes on a new definition during the 2nd International Mexico Innovations Exhibition. From May 21-23, the Porcelanosa showroom in Periférico reshapes the classic concept of interior design at its 1.200m2 public exhibition. A key meeting for professionals, and interior design, architecture and design enthusiasts which will be staged every year at the CDMX.

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