February 3, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The 21st International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group has begun

The 21st edition of the International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group has begun today, in which the new proposals by the eight firms of the company shall be showcased. Between the 3rd and 7th of February, more than 12.000 visitors from over 40 countries shall pass through the main headquarters of the company in Vila-real.

Architects, interior designers and users who want to attend the exhibition can lose themselves among the 13.500 square metre exhibition area and discover at first-hand and for the first time the flooring and ceramic coverings collections by Porcelanosa, Venis and Urbatek, natural materials by L’Antic Colonial, building systems by Butech, new trends in bathroom fittings by Systempool and Noken and the new furniture proposals for bathrooms and kitchens by Gamadecor.

The new Signature Spaces designed by internationally renowned professionals using materials and products by L’Antic Colonial are just one of the events that you can’t miss out on. Eric Kuster from Holland, Eduardo Soto and Nuno Brandão from Portugal, Ramón Esteve Fernando Arteaga (SB Architects) and Fran Silvestre were in charge of shaping these mosaic, flooring and natural stone collections as well as the new bathrooms proposals by the PORCELANOSA Group company. The visit is an essential for uncovering the essence of L’Antic Colonial.

During the five day Exhibition, more than 200 people from the organisation shall accompany the assistants on their journey around the renovated exhibition area by the eight firms. Moreover, the organisation has also elaborated a comprehensive activities schedule and workshops such as demos on the production and the Cli-ker dry ceramic tile-laying system or Krion® workshops together with several presentations of the new products which shall be available in Porcelanosa stores worldwide in the forthcoming months. A meeting for Bloggers in architecture and interior design fields shall also be held next Wednesday.

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