October 30, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Group Awards Finalists: multipurpose spaces and visual lightness in La Pecera Work Space

La Pecera Work Space is one of the work project finalists at the 10th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards, in the Student Forward-Looking Projects category. A co-working space designed by Alba Salas Hernandez, a student at the College of Art and Design in Zamora, created with the aim of articulating multipurpose workspaces which offer maximum luminosity and visual lightness.

The project

Designed to be part of an urban area, La Pecera Work Space is built on two exterior facades covered with glass at a clear height of 7 metres, whose main aim is to offer light and transparency to each of the co-working spaces located inside, preserving the privacy necessary for a space of concentration and work through opaque vinyls that provide privacy.

Indoors, the building is spread out over two floors. A ground floor area of approximately 280 square metres in which we find an access to the hall and the cloakroom, as well as an individual work area and a group work area. The furniture in both work areas has been designed to allow for maximum mobility and it can be distributed according to the requirements of each moment. In addition, this first floor is completed with an interactive area on the main wall, two meeting rooms with a capacity for 8 people in each, a documentation room and toilets, two of them being accessible.

For its part, the upper floor, which covers nearly 150m2, is reserved for the rest area which is divided into an office space and toilets. For the decoration of this area, wall hung furniture, beanbags and a wall with LED screens have been chosen to provide a greater dynamism, comfort and functionality to the room.

To achieve continuity between the different work spaces and to contribute to a sense of cleanliness and quietness which are favourable for working, visual harmony has been achieved through the materials, resulting in a neutral atmosphere articulated in different spaces.

The materials

The creation of an atmosphere which transmits relaxation that does not lose the dynamism necessary to promote the active rhythm of a work space was the main purpose of this project and because of that, diverse materials from the PORCELANOSA Group have been used.

Specifically, the Soho Silver Ston-Ker collection from Porcelanosa stands out among the chosen materials. This is present in almost all of the building’s floor tiles and some wall tiles, which looks for the visual homogenisation of the space.

As well as that, due to its suitability for both outdoors and indoors, the Max Black Nature floor tile by URBATEK has been banked on as a distinguishing element for the entrance area, and this material is also counted on in the lavatory areas in the toilets and the main wall in the hall as a way of getting some contrast.

Besides, in the office areas, a greater sense of sobriety and intimacy has been sought after, through the Stuk Black Texture series, also by URBATEK.

Finally, in the kitchen and toilet areas, we can see some of the equipment from the PORCELANOSA Group, including the Emotions kitchen as an example of innovation and the Wood Roble Bronze bathroom furniture by Gamadecor, maintaining the cutting-edge global aesthetics of the whole design.

To sum up, La Pecera Work Space is a project that perfectly combines homogeneity and dynamism, which supports a productive and efficient work atmosphere.

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