December 13, 2017 | Updated: December 26, 2018


TECH-FRIENDLY: Future bathroom accessories with Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

Bathrooms of the future are loaded with the highest technology and the most cutting-edge designs. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, a world leader in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Group, is committed to technological bathroom accessories that offer a customised, relaxing and revitalizing shower experience. Elements that will make bathrooms adapt interactively to the requirements and preferences of each user.

Two of the most innovative pieces from the firm stand out: The Mood and Pure Line bathroom taps. Two elements that guarantee great functionality and design. Their main peculiarity is none other than allowing the user to have absolute control of their shower experience, in an interactive and intuitive way.

Mood taps and its cutting-edge bathroom concept

Mood responds to futuristic design requirement with a great technological load. Taps which offers a simple user experience, with unique performances such as customising the pressure, flow, temperature or even the type of water outlet (waterfall or rain).

Mood adapts to day-to-day needs and helps the user to save water. A perfect solution for sustainable bathrooms, that are committed to the environment.

The most technological minimalism with Pure Line

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is ahead of the minimalism of the future with the Pure Line bathroom taps. A piece of essentialist lines and shapes, equipped with the latest technology, which under an apparently simple aesthetic offers a complete experience in the bathroom.

Through the T-start technology, the Pure Line taps allow for the temperature, flow rate and water outlets to be selected, either manually or electronically. In addition, the thermostatic mechanics of the collection allows for these parameters to be selected by simple touches and the turning of the levers.

Finally, its LED light system makes the water temperature become visible, since it goes from blue (cold water) to red (hot water) passing through intermediate shades (purple) for warm water.

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