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Wall tiles

Summer refurbishments: the ceramic which best meets the demands of modern housing

Designed for being used as a flooring or covering, ceramic tiles have become one of the most in demand materials because of their high resistance and their easy-to-clean properties.

The advances that have been made in digital printing have made it possible for ceramic pieces to accurately reproduce the colours and textures of the wood, marble and stone.

The use of the ceramic at home has increased over the last few years. According to the last survey by the Spanish Association of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers (ASCER), the demand for ceramic products has increased by 8% in comparison with 2017, in the Spanish house market. In this way, 2018 came to an end with a total turnover of 890 million euros. As well as that, we also saw growth in Spanish ceramic exports which reached 2.710 million euros, with Europe and the USA being the leading markets.

An increase which is linked to social needs and new 21st-century buildings, with sustainability and technology being the key principles. In light of this change of model, ceramic pieces are increasingly used in interior and exterior spaces, since their versatility allows them to be installed as floorings or coverings.  Because of the resistance to high and low temperatures, its hardness, easy cleaning and waterproofing; this material meets the demands of any project.

17_RESIDENTIAL_HOME_XLIGHT-CONCRETE_NVY_Stealth-Flat_05Product: XLight Concrete by Porcelanosa

In order to know what model is the right choice according to the type of housing or decor style, we suggest the following options:

Analyse the space and opt for the most suitable tile

Ceramic offers a huge number of decor possibilities. Its assorted composition, namely: baked, sandy clay and clay with metallic oxide; makes it easier for each piece to be used in a specific space.  If we want to use ceramic in the living room or in the bathroom, analysing the room and its use is key. There is an analysis (the Mohs test) which quantifies the scratching resistance from 1 to 10 (from the softest to the strongest) and it lets the user know if the choice of the material is the right or wrong one for the space. Furthermore, the technological advances carried out over the last few years have made it possible for ceramic pieces to reproduce the textures and the look of materials such as the wood, marble and stone.

P-Nobu_Arce_29,4-19,3x180cm_HProduct: Nobu Arce designed by Porcelanosa

Get more spaciousness and lightness with three-dimensional neutral pieces

In order to get more spaciousness in those rooms which are smaller, installing white, beige, grey or light brown ceramic pieces is recommended. One of the most important advantages offered by the ceramic collections for flooring and covering is that the different rooms can be joined with the same material which results in more spaciousness between the areas. The three-dimensional pieces, the ceramic mosaics and the pieces with relief, turn out to be some of the most practical solutions in bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

P-Arizona_Caliza31,69x44,6cm_VProduct: Arizona Caliza by Porcelanosa

 The most suitable material for kitchens

The kitchen has become one of the hubs in a house. Despite having been thought up initially to be a place for cooking, the reality is that in this type of room, organising social get togethers is becoming more frequent. Hence, wall and floor tiles play a leading role. The enamelled, matt, porcelain tiles will provide the kitchens with balance, dynamism and harmony, especially in those cooking and storage areas.

K17_Street_Coal_435x435_DetProduct: Street Coal by Porcelanosa

Reducing humidity with ceramic

The bathroom is also one of the most used rooms in a house. A good reason for using ceramic pieces with low or zero porosity in wet areas such as showers and basins. The ceramic tiles which have a rougher surface will stand up to these spaces better because of their resistance when up against water, bacteria, heat and scratches.

P-Rodano_Acero&Rodano_Lineal_Acero31,6x59,2_HProduct: Rodano Acero y Rodano Lineal Acero

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