July 8, 2020 | Updated: July 9, 2020


Interior design ideas for your apartment by the beach

Neutral colours, vintage and minimalist furniture and cool cotton or linen textiles will make your home a stylish summer retreat.

With holidays around the corner, beach houses are once again being occupied and design plays a key role in the way we organise and enjoy our free time. To make your summer stay as enjoyable as possible, the PORCELANOSA Group offers a series of tips for you to renew the décor of your apartment in line with the latest trends in interior design.

Essential colours

To make a small beach apartment appear more spacious and allow for a more elaborate decoration, paint in the walls using neutral colours like white, beige or brown.

Cooler colours such as blue and green also suit this type of home perfectly. To give more vitality to the living room or bedroom, choose warm colours such as orange, red or mustard yellow and combine them with jute lamps, aged wood furniture and plants.

The combination that never fails in a beach apartment: White + Blue

One of the most common combinations used for beach apartments is white and blue. This maritime touch will refresh interior rooms, making them lighter. This makes Gamadecor's R3.70 Blanco Snow R1.70 Etimoe Ice Smart Cuisine model the perfect option for a relaxing break at a beach apartment due to its magnifying snowy white colour which naturally reflects the sun's rays and brings peace and tranquillity to the space.


PORCELANOSA Group collections that reflect this Mediterranean style especially well include Lounge Tortola and Azul Noche by Noken, Deco Matt white wall tiles by Porcelanosa and the Glaze Wave Blue series by L'Antic Colonial.

Open-plan lounges with more light

If you want to have a designer lounge in your beach apartment, the best option is an open-plan design where interior and exterior are unified. Avoid partitions, dividing walls and columns and adopt the open-plan approach, using rustic and natural collections. Excellent choices include Par-Ker™ ceramic parquet flooring by Porcelanosa, XTONE™ Berna Acero sintered mineral compact and Residence 1L Arizona laminate by L'Antic Colonial. These combinations will increase the warmth and overall appeal of each room, and they fare well against extreme temperatures and the salty sea air.

Natural decoration for your beach house

To decorate your beach apartment naturally, we recommend sofas and beds upholstered in light textiles such as linen or cotton, jute or aluminium lamps and white lacquered fixed furniture. Rooms such as the living room or terrace may also include decorative items such as ceramic dishes, photographs, shells or cushions with ethnic motifs. For walls, choose tiles such as Micro-Stuk Fine from Butech or wallpaper with floral and plant patterns. Suitable collections for flooring include Bottega Acero by Porcelanosa and Krono Dark by Urbatek, whose grey tones and large format will allow you to blend the terrace with the interior of the property.

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