30 June 2021 | Updated: July 15, 2021


Interior design trends to get you ready for summer

Use white, beige, green or blue tones, natural finishes and plants to give your home a fresh and balanced look.

Summer is here, and the temperature's rising: time to switch up your décor and introduce paler shades, lighter textiles such as linen or cotton, natural finishes, jute rugs and real flowers.

Below we'll look at some décor tips and ideas to get your home summer ready with some fresh and original combinations.

6 tips for decorating your home this summer

Viola Blue Silk_120 x 120

Viola Blue Silk 120 cm x 120 cm

#1. All white


Cover your walls with white ceramic tiles or paint them in the same shade, and see the light stream into your home. This works particularly well in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Another trick – use linen curtains, natural blinds or mirrors to make your rooms feel bigger and brighter.

Par-ker® Ice Nebraska Tea + Par-ker® Nebraska Tea

#2. Natural textures


Use natural or ceramic (Par-ker® by Porcelanosa) wood flooring combined with light textiles and prints, wicker furniture, tinted glass vases or jute rugs to give your house a more summery feel.

Berna Caliza L 120 cm x 120 cm

#3. Natural light and LEDs

Move your furniture around and leave more free space between your different zones, and you'll get a brighter, fresher look. You can achieve the same effect by replacing your traditional bulbs with LED lights or festoon lighting - and you'll also be consuming energy more responsibly and efficiently.

Par-ker® Tanzania Nut

#4. Lively colours

Colors like yellows, greens, oranges, reds, browns or blues are other shades you could try in your home. This works especially well in rooms such as your living room, or in outdoor spaces like terraces. You could also add plants and flowers such as fig trees, aloe vera or geraniums. Not only will they brighten up your rooms, they'll also purify the air and regulate the temperature of each room.

Soho Acero 80 cm x 80 cm

#5. Infinite ceramics


Create the infinite look with materials like porcelain stoneware or large format ceramic tiles (HIGHKER®), uniting spaces under the same aesthetic and ending any sense of separation between areas.

Devon Riviera Ant. 18.3 cm x 180 cm

#6. Improved cross-ventilation


Your best bet for cooling down your home is to use a cross-ventilation system, orienting your walls and doors northwards. We also recommend installing Butech's ventilated façade systems and ceramics in neutral colours, or the Krion® mineral compact which improves thermal insulation and reduces energy consumption by up to 25%.

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