December 19, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


Suede: cement-like ceramic reliefs

Once again, cement surfaces are part of modern architecture and interior design, giving spaces an industrial-like character. This is why Venis, one of the companies at PORCELANOSA Group, has created Suede: a cement-effect ceramic tile collection which can give personality to any space.

The Suede surface has reliefs which form overlapping leaves, creating an original ceramic mural. The collection comes in three colours: Ivory, Taupe and White Matt, in a 33.3×100 cm, format and can be combined with Rhin floorings and coverings; a collection by Venis which emulates pressed cement with flat surfaces.

The main benefits of this covering collection are its texture and the solidity of cement whilst maintaining the strength and technical benefits of a ceramic material. Furthermore, its installation is simpler and quicker than cement, which should be taken into account before starting any project.

It is a sophisticated collection thanks to its ceramic design which is adapted to modern times. It seeks to fuse with different styles and generate results which create an impact. Suede is a great option if you seek to achieve this effect.

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  1. Hello I live in San Diego California USA, and I’m looking for any stores near me that carry this product. The suede wavy tile. Do you know of anywhere I can get this.

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