November 25, 2019 | Updated: May 13, 2020


The new Suavinex offices in Alicante bank on a sensory and collaborative atmosphere

The Santatecla Arquitectos SLP architecture studio, has designed an open space without any separations to highlight that idea of teamwork, a project managed by INVERCREA S.L. Project & Construction Management.

The PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections that have been included in this project are geared towards the company’s corporate philosophy through an integral design.

There are very large numbers of elements which directly affect the individual. One of them is the atmosphere, whose layout may influence people’s frame of mind, as well as their way of interacting with others.

Focusing on this analysis, and in order to create a positive work atmosphere which enhances teamwork, the Santatecla Arquitectos SLP architecture studio has refurbished the Suavinex company offices in Alicante through open and interconnected rooms.

Roberto Santatecla Fayos resulted in a place in the final at the 12th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the category of Best Design of the Year

An objective that could be achieved with the collections from PORCELANOSA Group. With them, the brand image is strengthened through a sensory and bright space, in which the natural light from outside reaches all the work areas, therefore enhancing the creativity of the workers. “Our objective is to create a pleasant workplace for the people who make up the administration, commercial and research team. Hence, we opt for the concept of a landscape office by bringing together patio areas and outdoor spaces adjoined to each of the workplaces, which extend farther than the closings, with an exterior void and a piece of the sky”, says the architecture studio.


XLIGHT and silence

The approach and treatment which was provided by the architect Roberto Santatecla Fayos resulted in a place in the final at the 12th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the category of Best Design of the Year, thanks to the application and the originality with which the chosen collections were presented, which in turn were overseen by the interior designer, Marisa Llongo. Among them, it is worth highlighting the building systems  from Butech, and the XLIGHT Code Coal porcelain tile from Urbatek in the Nature and Grey finishes. Both large-format porcelain tiles shape the main structure of the interior patio and the facades.


For the entrance of the building, the XLIGHT Arcan Corten collection has been opted for. It shapes the ventilated facade from Butech, and furthermore, it allows up to 20% and 30% of energy consumption to be saved which can be used in the office.

This system allows solar radiation to be projected onto the covering, and like so, the heat inside the building is reduced. This is something that improves the working atmosphere, especially in summer, since the temperature is balanced and the contrast between inside and outside hardly changes. Quite the opposite happens when temperatures are cooler, since the ventilated facade retains the heat of the heating because of the thermal insulator that is placed outside.


To these advantages, it is worth adding its sound insulation ability, the result of its multi-layer system. In this way, the work atmosphere is enhanced with spaces which are quieter and calmer for those people inside them.

Photography by: Diego Opazo

Project & Construction Management: INVERCREA

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