June 9, 2020 | Updated: August 20, 2020


Mediterranean style houses with the Porcelanosa collections

This style reflects the serenity of Mediterranean life through neutral colours, organic textiles and the combination of materials such as ceramics, wood and wrought iron.

Touring the islands of Italy, Greece or Spain and transferring the freshness of the sea to a home is what Mediterranean interior design stands for, a style that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Neutral colours, natural light, natural wood furniture and stone ceramic flooring are among the features the PORCELANOSA Group offers so that you can decorate your home in the purest Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean living rooms that create a sense of calm

  • We recommend decorating your living room with rustic furniture in natural wood, wrought iron or glass combined with white walls and wicker lamps.
  • The use of carpets or soft textiles, such as linen or cotton, will make the living-room lighter and strengthen the links with nature that are so much part of this style.
  • To enhance natural light from the exterior, we recommend painting the living room in neutral colours (white, beige or light grey) and alternating these colours with original features of the home (wooden beams, concrete or exposed brickwork walls). Another decorative trick is to cover the walls with white, caliza or arena ceramic tiles, from textured collections such as Spiga Bottega or Capri by Porcelanosa.
  • For floors, you can choose natural-looking tiles such as the Forest collection by Par-ker® or Marvel Pulido, both by Porcelanosa. The Forest collection reproduces the gloss and grain of oak, combining it with the characteristic integrity of ceramic tiles. 95% of the material in the tiles is recycled and their use improves the resistance and sustainability of living rooms, while their technical properties make them easy to clean and maintain. The Marvel Pulido collection is inspired by Carrara marble and its whitish veins contribute to a sense of unlimited space. It also combines perfectly with more eclectic decorative elements such as hanging lamps, woven rattan mirrors or raffia furniture.

 Mediterranean-style terraces

 Ceramic collections inspired by natural stone will help you to find new aesthetic possibilities for your terrace and make it look more spacious. For an attractive Mediterranean décor, we have selected Porcelanosa’s Bottega series in Caliza or Durango in a Bone finish. Both collections are large format Premium (HIGHKER®) tiles and enable you to link this area to the interior of the home through an elegant and homogenous design.

In each of their 26 shades these tiles create a restrained impression and their resistance to high temperatures, scratching and knocks keeps the surface intact longer. These HIGHKER® collections create an ideal setting for natural wood tables, steel lanterns and bamboo armchairs.

Mediterranean-style bathrooms

To design a Mediterranean-style bathroom, you can choose neutral colours such as white, beige or acero or brighter colours such as blue or green. All these colours are available in Porcelanosa’s White & Colors collection, which can also be combined with natural stone washbasins, jute baskets or flowers, such as orchids. For the floors, we suggest the Tuscany or Harlem collections, whose cement-inspired smooth surface and matte finish create a sense of space throughout the bathroom.

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