May 2, 2018


The Porcelanosa store in Santiago, Chile, is awarded with the Prix Versailles 2018

The Gonzalo Mardones V. Arquitectos studio receives the award for the Best Store, Exterior mention.

The Gonzalo Mardones V. Arquitectos architecture studio was awarded with the Prix Versailles 2018. The award, given on April 14th, is an important part of this world-renowned event established by UNESCO, since it is there where we see the best designs from: the international stores, hotels and restaurants.

The PORCELANOSA Group starred in one of the projects because the Gonzalo Mardones V. Arquitectos studio won an award, thanks to the Porcelanosa store in Santiago, Chile project for the Best Store, Exterior Mention, in the category comprising of: Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

This was how the jury members came to their decision. The jury members were: Cazú Zegers from Chile, Boris Pena from Mexico, Daniel Botner from Argentina and Peter Christensen from the USA.

Furthermore, on May 21st, the world award aimed at those award-winning projects in continental ceremonies, will be given at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.

Volumetric asymmetry

The Porcelanosa store building in Santiago, Chile, is located in a cutting-edge building in la Comuna de Vitacura, which is one of the most prestigious and exclusive areas in the city.

The structure stands out because of its exposed cement volumes, asymmetrically and dynamically installed. The visual effect achieved is enhanced by the roughness of the chosen material, as well as with the use of large windows and curtain wall façades.

A 500m2 shop window where both professionals and the public can find the most outstanding innovations and latest designs from the eight firms that make up the PORCELANOSA Group.


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