August 6, 2019 | Updated: November 22, 2019


Ston-ker Boston: The Nordic Stone from Porcelanosa is rejuvenated in a large size.

The company extends the possibilities for this collection through new sizes from HIGHKER

Despite coming with an aesthetic which is somewhat aged and vintage-looking, the Bone, Topo and Stone finishes enhance the brightness of the pieces, adapting to the exterior spaces. 

Ston-ker Boston from Porcelanosa reproduces the textures and the look of natural stone with the technical properties of ceramic. Its resistance, durability and easy cleaning make this ceramic stone the perfect solution for interiors and exteriors alike.

Boston is inspired by aged stone from northern Europe, which can be used as either a wall tile or a floor tile in three different versions: from Bone which is the lightest tone, to Topo with its exclusive beige tone. 


Stone continuity

The main advantage of Boston is its large format. The models from this collection are in a 59.6cm x 180cm size; they are therefore included in the Highker series together with Bottega (Acero, Topo, White, Antracita and Caliza); and Berna (Topo, Acero, Caliza and Gre).

We are dealing with the largest size of the Highker pieces which allows for continuous spaces to be created. The perfect material partner for architects and interior designers alike.

 For the installation of the Highker Boston, Colorstuk Rapid n grouting from Butech is recommended in: Gris, Manhattan and Cemento.

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