July 31, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Starwood and Newport bring new pieces to the PORCELANOSA Grupo showrooms

Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga and Alicante present the latest and main designs from both collections through a sensory exhibition. The colour combinations from the Nairobi or Nature series provide spaces with higher realism.

Venis has presented its latest designs from its Newport collection in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga and Alicante. Through a digital exhibition, over 600 professionals were at the events and they were able to discover the textures, tones and quality of the new products from the firm. A different and innovative experience, indeed.

In this regard, the Porcelanosa Grupo reinvents itself with new digital areas and sensory exhibitions to present Smart, the new line from Starwood. As well as that, hundreds of professionals were able to get first-hand knowledge of these spaces at the events which took place in the aforementioned cities.

The architects and interior designers alike who visited the facilities, designed their own spaces through the atmosphere configurator and also tried out the different tones and decorations.

Starwood: the ode to nature with Nairobi and Smart

With the new colours from the Nairobi series being a part of the Starwood collection, they connect with nature through its chromatic scale. Its designs excellently show the texture and appearance of natural wood. Above all, as far as floor tiles and wall tiles are concerned.

For its part, the Smart line portrays the knots and veining through the small format.  This handmade production from the Porcelanosa Grupo meets the demands of every type of project due to its multidisciplinary design: 14.3cm×90cm and 22cm×90cm; which turns out to be the ideal option for small spaces.

Newport Nature: Harmony in a cement finish

The Newport collection by Venis has presented the new Nature series. Its cement-inspired  aesthetic allows for a balance in the elements through a more discreet and subtle pattern. Cutting-edge ceramic.

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