January 16, 2020


Starwood releases the last episode of ‘Eternal Dates’

In this episode we relive some of the most significant moments experienced by the protagonists with the PORCELANOSA Group ceramic wood

The audiovisual production won two awards at the 2019 Luxury Advertising Awards for its innovative concept and branded content development

The last episode of the Eternal Dates series shows how the lives of its protagonists have changed and the role played by Starwood in each of their decisions as the connection that unites them all. 

It happens when the child of the main couple decides to take the step to buy a house. His motivation to become a homeowner is Starwood itself, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group that frames much of the first home.

The Vancouver Nude collection (main floor tile in the living room) will be the one that will take him back to his parents’ home and shape his future home. The living room and the other rooms will also incorporate Vancouver Moka, Vancouver Brown and Minnesota Camel.

Eternal Dates, recently awarded at the Luxury Advertising Awards for its innovation and brand development, comes to an end championing innovative and transversal design.

Date12- Eternal Dates 8

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