August 12, 2019 | Updated: August 13, 2019


Starwood: the ceramic wood which marks the future for the contract sector

Able to withstand wear and continuous use over time, this collection from PORCELANOSA Group is used the most in big spaces, such as: shopping centres, restaurants and shops.

The 6 series include a total of 26 tones which reproduce the veining and the knots from types of wood such as: oak, walnut and beech; all in the finest detail.

The accuracy with which  Starwood ceramic wood reproduces the tones, texture and aesthetic of oak, walnut and beech; have now turned it into one of the most sought-after collections, for both the public and contract sectors.

The six series, namely: Tanzania, Nebraska, Minnesota, Vancouver, Nairobi and Namibia; together with the 26 tones, can be used for floor tiles or wall tiles. In relation to the composition, the high resistance against strong weather contrasts, UV rays, impacts and the wear caused by the continuous use of cleaning agents, are all standout features.

Boutique Starwood Porcelanosa

Timeless and unchanging

The timeless and delicate character which the design of its pieces comes with, and the warmth that is given off by those same pieces, allows it to be installed both indoors and outdoors. Given its solid composition, low maintenance and easy cleaning; this material is just perfect for large-scale public spaces such as: shopping centres, airports, restaurants and warehouses.

This is a safe and reliable ceramic wood, since its series are slip-resistant, which prevents any type of slipping in wet and humid places, such as kitchens and bathrooms and around swimming pools as well. Because of being designed in light and dark colours, Starwood can be used in any atmosphere whatsoever, whether it is: rustic, minimalist, Nordic, industrial or nautical. Also, its pieces blend in well with tables made from iron, glass, wood and marble; as well as fabric lamps and aluminium. Also, linen and wicker baskets, together with chairs made of steel and glass.

Starwood Nebraska Coffee Smart Porcelanoa

Comfort and cutting edge design under the very same roof.

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