February 27, 2020


Starwood gains ground in the international market with multiple awards

The PORCELANOSA Group brand received the Plus X Award for its definition, quality and easy maintenance within the new interior design. 

The online series “Eternal Dates”, centred on the technical properties and uses of this ceramic wood, took home a statuette at the 2019 Luxury Advertising Awards.

Thanks to its versatility, integrity, innovative look and design, the ceramic wood Starwood has become one of the most award-winning products from PORCELANOSA Group, consolidating its position within the national and international market.

In 2017, it was a finalist in Best of Year, the awards presented by the magazine Interior Design. One year later, it received the MetropolisLike award for its naturalness and product quality. Organised by the New York magazine Metropolis, these awards are among the most important in the world for architecture and design. Also, at the German Plus X Award, Starwood won three prizes in the Design, High Quality and Easy Maintenance categories after going up against 500 other nominees.

The great response to this product in the country resulted in the Iconic Awards 2020 highlighting its value in innovation and interior design and the brand being consolidated within the German market.

Starwood awards 2

An award-winning brand in half the world

Over the last few years, Starwood has developed new colours and formats and has expanded its technical qualities, including resistance to high temperatures, easy cleaning and sustainable composition (Starwood Ecologic).

Starwood awards 1

These properties shaped Eternal Dates. With 10 episodes, this series showcased the advantages of the material on the big screen. An original production that won two prizes at the 2019 Luxury Awards for its Audiovisual Innovation and Branded Content.

Starwood’s expansion into the contract and architectural sector was realised in Casa Artium, a project that used this collection as the main flooring and that received the Coverings 2020 and the Tile of Spain awards.

Starwood, the most award-winning ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group.

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