April 23, 2019 | Updated: April 25, 2019


Starwood will appear on TV in Eternal Dates

The twelve chapters making up this project will be published on the company webpage and social networks once a month.

Through everyday scenes, each of the characters will show the special features and the advantages of this ceramic wood.

Starwood, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group, will be the main topic in the Eternal Dates series. Divided into 12 chapters, which will be broadcasted once a month from the company webpage and social networks, this series will show the advantages and the special features of the material through everyday scenes and the most diverse characters that one could imagine.


The first chapter: Dreaming about my first flat; will be on this Friday on the different official channels. In this chapter, one of the leading characters in the series will be revealed. Each of the small Eternal Dates storylines will focus on Starwood and all related elements.

When reality seems to be fiction

The objective is for viewers to discover the advantages and benefits of Starwood by themselves in each of the stories by the main characters, namely: antislip, fireproof, waterproof, low maintenance, a timeless and sustainable composition and unaffected by sunlight.

Made up of six series: Tanzania, Nebraska, Minnesota, Vancouver, Nairobi, Namibia and 26 tones; this ceramic wood is a finalist at the Interior Design Awards in the USA, and furthermore, it picked up the Metropolis Likes Award at the New York City Design Week because of its rectified design and smooth texture.

Starwood world will appear on TV.

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