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Spring decoration ideas for 2023

Pastel colours, natural elements and decorative lights are among the features that can give your home a seasonal feel

Spring is the time of the year for flowers, bright colours and renewed energy. It’s the ideal moment to renew your home’s décor and add a touch of freshness and vitality to your rooms. In this spring post, you’ll find a selection of creative ideas and useful tips to turn your home into a spring oasis.

From fresh flowers to pastel colours. We’ll show you how you can fill every corner with the beauty and spirit of spring.
PORCELANOSA helps you create that spring feeling, with natural proposals for your creative projects.

1. Pastel colours are ideal for spring decoration: rooms decorated with cushions, candles or vases in shades of pink, mint green, lilac or pale yellow create a fresh, cheerful atmosphere.

2. Decorative lights make a great contribution to decoration inspired by spring. Use lighting on terraces or in inner courtyards to create spaces where you can enjoy the spring evenings outdoors.

3. Scented candles can be used to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in any room in the house. An aroma of flowers or fresh herbs can create a delightfully restful spring atmosphere in your home.

4. Table decoration: Using textiles in pastel shades and decorating the table centre with flowers will bring a touch of spring to your meals.

In interior decoration, fresh, natural details are among the most popular trends in spring.

1. Fresh flowers: Flowers are an essential element of spring. We recommend placing floral arrangements in different rooms or in the entrance to your home to create a fresh atmosphere when you come in. Floral decoration is an easy and effective way of adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

2. Natural elements: Using natural elements such as branches, leaves or stones to create table centres or decorate the corners of rooms is an excellent choice for this season.

3. Flower vases: A simple and effective way to add colour and life in any area. Use transparent glass vases for a more modern look or ceramic vases for a more natural style.

4. Flowers in the bathroom: Adding flowers such as daisies or lilies in this room will help you to relax and unwind.

Inspired by the stories and experiences of those who create them, floral arrangements become a special and essential element to accompany the decoration of a table. Sally Hambleton, a professional specializing in floral arrangements, gives us some tips on how to decorate a table centre in spring.

1. Choosing different flowers and seasonal branches will always be a success. Fill the vase with plenty of water and check that there are no loose leaves that can decompose, as they can contaminate the water and the flowers.

2. Prune all flowers and bouquets with a fresh, diagonal cut before immersing them in water. The diagonal cut increases the surface area for water absorption and prevents sealing to the bottom of the vase.

3. Create a weave of stems with the branches to make it easier to place the other flowers. Distribute the flowers at different levels to achieve a more natural result. Turn the vase and touch up imperfections.

4. Make sure that the flowers with small stems reach the water level and cover the edge of the vase with the shorter flowers. To finish, fill the vase to the top with water and constantly check the water levels.

Decorating terraces and courtyards

With the arrival of good weather, the décor of terraces and courtyards needs to be adapted to the season. Here are some tips to get these areas ready.

1. Comfortable furniture is a must: Add comfortable hard-wearing furniture to enjoy your outdoor terrace.

2. Create shade: If your terrace is exposed to the sun, consider installing a parasol or a sunblind to create shade. This will allow you to enjoy the terrace even on the hottest days.

Spring decoration is an ideal way to refresh a house and give it a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere that reflects the beauty of the season.

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