October 14, 2021


Soverati Dolci: delectable design

This family-run patisserie in Soverato (Catanzaro, Italy) offers a refined take on the region's traditional sweet treats with collections by Porcelanosa, uniting the past with the present through design.

Soverati Dolci recounts the history of Catanzaro (Calabria, Italy) in small, lighter-than-air bites. The sculptural tarts, creamy ice creams and show-stopping cakes on display in their counters are all part of the Mazza family history. The family took on the premises in 2000, and decided to preserve the original reddish façade, whilst renovating the interior using PORCELANOSA collections.

Modern cakes in a neoclassical dining room

The past and present come together in every tartlet, all made by master bakers using only the finest ingredients, turning each creation into a work of modern art. The same is true of the interior design, reminiscent of the neoclassical style of the 1920s, with Alpi Verde Polished and Calacatta Green Silk (XTONE®) on the walls, and Krion® Lux Etna mineral compact on the front of the countertops and display cases. The materials were chosen by architect Oreste Vartellini, who skilfully combined the marble-look pieces with vintage furnishings: green upholstered chairs and imitation slate tables.

A more natural interior design was chosen for the bathrooms, with large format Glem White Nature tiles by XTONE® (floor tiles) and the Onice Green Polished series by XTONE® (wall tiles). The gold and white hues of the tiles elevate the space and create the feeling of Onyx labyrinth, from which the Noken Round taps emerge: the icing on the cake.

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Architecture: Oreste Vartellini

Photo: Luce Catanzariti