24 January 2022


Technical porcelain tiles by Porcelanosa: made for large-scale projects

Marble and concrete-look XTONE® collections and Solidker full-body porcelain are some of the most widely-used products in commercial and domestic spaces.

Resistant to fire, water, stains and blows, technical porcelain is one of the most widely-used materials in large-scale architecture projects. The material's multi-layered composition and versatile design adds aesthetic appeal to any space, and its non-slip properties and unalterability make it safer too. These properties are at the core of all XTONE® and Solidker (Porcelanosa) full-body porcelain collections.

Why choose technical - or full-body - porcelain?

Technical porcelain is a material composed of the same raw material from the surface throughout the whole body. Unlike other porcelain tiles which only contain the element in the glaze, this material benefits from low levels of moisture and water absorption (≤ 0.2%), lending improved resistance to façades, bathrooms, kitchens or terraces. These properties run through Solidker full-body porcelain by Porcelanosa, manufactured with the strictest of quality controls that go beyond international regulatory requirements.

One of the most striking aspects of this full-body product is the design - any natural materials can be replicated. Solutions from Porcelanosa include natural stone, marble and cement-look materials. What's more, new technologies have helped us to produce non-slip ceramic tiles that better withstand high levels of pedestrian traffic, adverse temperatures and wear-and-tear over time on raised or floating terrace flooring.

Technical and aesthetic advantages of full-body porcelain

The key advantage of Solidker full-body porcelain tiles are the joints between each tile. They make the floor tiles more durable, as well as offering a more refined aesthetic and improved technical performance.
Available in formats from 120 cm x 120 cm to 29.7 cm x 59.6 cm, the material is suitable for use in homes as well as public spaces, offices, hotel complexes and schools.

From monochrome to marble, with XTONE

XTONE® is another Porcelanosa product in this category. The sintered mineral compact is waterproof and fire, frost and scratch resistant, and can be used as a floor tile or interior cladding, and for worktops or façades (we recommend using Super-flex S2 adhesive by Butech).

With designs from monochrome to marble, wood or concrete-look textures, XTONE® comes in a range of thicknesses (6, 12 and 20 mm) and is one of the most highly-recommended materials in kitchens or bathrooms. Why? Because it's antibacterial (it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and doesn't release VOCs), easy to clean, and resistant to fire, UV rays and high temperatures. A flexible and 100% recyclable material, XTONE® promotes environmental conservation and more sustainable production, because it can be fully regenerated throughout its whole life cycle.

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