December 20, 2018


Porcelanosa recovers the sobriety of marble in its new ceramic series

The Carrara Blanco Pulido, Sochi and Bianco Pulido series go back to a natural aesthetic to create exclusive tiles.

The majesty of this stone gives balance to all types of rooms with other elements, such as wood or iron.

Based on the sober elegance of marble, Porcelanosa has recreated the qualities of this material in the Carrara Blanco Pulido, Sochi and Bianco Pulido ceramic series. The look of this material has its origin in the voluptuousness of the stone, to which the lightness and resistance of the ceramic is added. Distinction based on Ancient Rome.

From Carrara white to ivory white

The sobriety of marble allows for any type of room to have balance by combining other elements, such as wood or iron. This is the case with the Carrara Blanco Pulido series from Porcelanosa, which has a shade variated gloss finish if it is used as a floor tile. The purity of white, based on the Carrara marble, is presented in a large size Premium format (HIGHKERTM) whose sizes are: 58.6cmx118.7cm and 79.2cmx79.2cm.

The Sochi series is a rectified porcelain tile and its tonalities vary between white and ivory. Its floor tile size is 58.6cmx118.7cm (HIGHKERTM).

The discontinuous and shade variated veins from the Bianco Pulido series provide the atmospheres with greater sophistication.

Premium large-size ceramic, with the HIGHKERTM seal. Its natural brightness allows the spaces to be expanded, as well as highlighting the elements which are included in it; especially in terms of floor tiles, whose size is 58.6cmx118.7cm.

Sculptural sobriety for indoor and outdoor areas.

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