September 4, 2019


How to get flat surfaces with Butech’s self-levelling spacers

This levelling system guarantees the perfect placement of the ceramic pieces in floor tiles and wall tiles.

Its adjustable height divider levels adjacent tiles, which prevents movement and unevenness.

The following video explains the placement of levelling spacers on a StarWood surface.

To guarantee the correct installation of floor tiles and wall tiles, Butech has implemented self-levelling spacers which balance the different pieces at the same level. This bonding and grouting material gets perfect finishes, even in irregular spaces through its adjustable height divider.

It is a mechanism which reduces the revision and assembly times of the PORCELANOSA Group ceramic collections because it prevents unevenness between tiles due to placement errors.

Its self-levelling joints for placement joints are available in: 0.5 mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm; they can be used in the distribution of floor tiles and wall tiles with a thickness of between 7mm and 15mm. This is the case of HIGHKERTM, the PORCELANOSA Group Premium large-size ceramic, the Urbatek XLIGHT extra-thin porcelain tile, the rectified wall tiles, bonded facades or the floor tile designs with locked joints.


The tile levelling system is made up of a divider, a wedge and an adjustment tool. For tiles with a thickness less than 7mm, using additional lifting elevation is recommended which ensures optimum gripping for the pieces.

The advantages of using ceramic levelling wedges:

  • They prevent movement between the tiles.
  • Bounding and grouting and mortar curing errors are minimised.
  • Ceramic review and installation times are reduced.
  • Total levelling of the pieces on completely flat surfaces is ensured.

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