14 February 2022


Smart kitchens and natural bathrooms drive the Gamadecor brand forward

The PORCELANOSA Group brand is ramping up its efforts to become a benchmark in next-generation kitchens.

Gamadecor is stepping up its activities to improve the design and application of its collections, driven by new technologies and sustainable solutions. This is the growth and development strategy the PORCELANOSA Group brand will be following in the coming years.

And the latest kitchen and bathroom furnishings launched recently by the brand are testament to it. Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural design are gaining ground in these ultra-intuitive kitchens and customised furnishings.

Smart Kitchen technology comes to more designs

To speed up production processes and create a personalised kitchen experience, Gamadecor has expanded the services and features of its Smart Kitchen (best sustainable design at the 2020 iF Design Award) with new working areas and tech-enabled elements so customers can monitor the food they have stored as well as their eating habits (cordless technology).

Becoming ever-more practical, the new Smart Kitchen models incorporate XTONE® or natural stone join-free worktops to unify the whole space under the same aesthetic. The difference between the first model and the current series lies in the continuous design: the touchscreens integrated into the main control panel allow you to use the surface as a hotplate or to charge small battery-free, cordless appliances (internal dual system).

Multi-purpose kitchens (for indoor or outdoor use) such as the Offroad Kitchen are another key trend this season. "This is a new generation of modular kitchens with improved storage capacity where the wooden kitchen unit frames are replaced with aluminium honeycomb panels. This design makes the kitchen extremely resistant against high temperatures and ongoing use", explains a Gamadecor representative.

Ultra-versatile bathroom furniture

Working with the maxim 'gaining space means gaining design', the brand has created new bathroom units where the priority is placed on natural textures and symmetrical volumes. These are the principles behind Play, Stage, Up and Corner units, where wall-mounted or pedestal washbasins, Krion® countertops, auxiliary drawers and framed handles predominate. "We've blended different styles and combinations to bring our design closer to the next generation of architects and interior designers, with premium materials that give added personality to projects" stresses a brand representative.

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