March 15, 2023


Invisible dual worktop: the fantastic new SmartKitchen feature

A functional design incorporating next-generation technology in the Gamadecor smart kitchen

The worktop is a crucial element of any kitchen. It's where we create, prepare and finesse our dishes. The new invisible induction system for worktops acts as both a hob and charging point for electrical appliances.

This new feature for the SmartKitchen system by Gamadecor blends innovation and design, harnessing cutting-edge technology to power up to 2,000 watts, without any batteries or external cables.

The kitchen's dual-purpose induction plates can be used as a cooking area, at the same time as providing wireless electrical charge for household appliances through electrical induction. And it doesn't end there. The SmartKitchen has yet more new features: an integrated induction charger for mobile devices.

This winning combination of features results in next-level benefits for the user, and it all starts with safe design. The induction plates are concealed beneath the worktop surface, and are only activated by devices that operate using electrical induction. It means you can use the worktop space without worrying about any burns or injuries.

The system also gives you significant energy savings. A control panel is used to activate the plates, increasing energy efficiency and rationalisation. Aesthetically speaking, the surface is designed as a single piece, uninterrupted by visible hobs or joins between the plates and worktop. This gives it a crisp look, and makes it significantly quicker and easier to clean.

The smart kitchen by Gamadecor, awarded best sustainable design at the 2020 iF Design Awards, also comes with an app that customers can use to monitor the food they have stored as well as their eating habits (using cordless technology).

New finishes for Emotions kitchens

The kitchen furniture brand is expanding its range with new metallic lacquers (silver, aluminium and bronze) and new finishes by XTONE®, made for worktops and cabinets. This series includes Roble Árido and a grooved finish. The breakfast bar area turns the room into a hub for family and social gatherings.

Smart Kitchen technology can also be integrated into Emotions kitchen worktops, clad in any of the large format XTONE® porcelain collections such as e9.30 – e7.90 XTONE® Carrara White Nature.

These latest updates to the SmartKitchen make your every day even easier, thanks to the various storage spaces, removable shelves and the option to place electrical appliances at the back of the surface. What's more, this model incorporates the Darwin system , concealing the doors at the side of the structure; elevating the overall look of your kitchen.

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    I am refurbishing an apartment and have agreed to use Porcelanosa as in my other flats.
    I just came across this smart/invisible induction system (what looks great).

    Could you give me some price indications for these solutions please?

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