May 5, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Smart Cabinets: the most elegant functional storage by Noken

Storage in the bathroom is important when there is a big array of items and personal care products which we need to have on hand every day.

By thinking about a practical and visually neat and tidy storage, the PORCELANOSA Group ‘s bathroom equipment firm, Noken, presents Smart Cabinets, which is both excellent and functional bathroom furniture ,and at the same time, modern and elegant.

It is worth highlighting the high versatility regarding the cabinets, and not only because of its wide range of formats: wall hung cabinets over the basin and vertical sliding cabinets; but also because of its modularity, since, they can be installed in a variety of ways. Furthermore, Smart Cabinets by Noken own a unique and appealing design, which is highlighted by a built-in mirror on the back of the cabinet, which not only enhances the spaciousness but also provides the cabinet with a more refined and modern appearance.

One of the other features with regard to the Smart Cabinets by Noken, is their aluminium profile “soft line” finish. Apart from providing the furniture with high exclusivity, this finish also offers lightness, high resistance and durability. On the other hand, cabinets come with a hinge in the innovative soft close system, which not only makes the opening and closing easier, but also provides functionality and ease with regard to the everyday use.

Cabinets is a unique collection in bathroom design. Storing in a practical way is possible, and furthermore, it is done by means of the integration in the inner space of a piece of furniture which provides both character and personality.

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