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8 essential elements in the layout of small bathrooms

Light tones, large format ceramic tiles and a simple décor scheme will all help to visually expand the space in your small bathroom

Making the most of every single metre (and every square centimetre) is key to transforming your small bathroom and making it feel more spacious. Read our post and find top tips for the perfect layout. Your bathroom may be small, but it can be an enchanting space that looks larger than it really is. Plus, we'll give you some tips for a magazine-worthy interior design scheme in your small toilet.

Small toilet ideas for tiny bathrooms

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Simple ideas for small bathrooms

When you're designing or refurbishing a small bathroom, it's important to make the most of the limited space you do have, always bearing in mind that functionality, storage and light play a key role in the room's overall feel. Let's clear up any doubts you might have with some tips.

1. The ideal structure of a small bathroom

When you've got a small bathroom, optimising the lighting and opening up the space as much as you can are paramount. Wondering how to do this? Read on.

  • Install a sliding door rather than a traditional swing door.
  • Don't install your toilet in front of the bathroom door. This layout is far from practical for everyday use.
  • Take advantage of the dead space behind the door and use it for storage like towel rails, hooks or other accessories.
  • Make sure you position your mirror strategically to create a sense of depth.

Storage in small bathrooms

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2. Flooring for small bathrooms

Once you've worked out your overall layout, there are various ways you can make your small bathroom feel more spacious. The flooring you choose is one of them.

  • Jointless floor tiles help make small spaces look larger.
  • Porcelain stoneware or rectified ceramic tiles - without joints or with less visible joints - will make the room feel bigger.
  • Tiles in white or other lighter shades make the floor look warmer and brighter.
  • Visually extend the space with neutral colours on the walls and floors.

3. Showers in small bathrooms

If space is lacking in your small bathroom, adding a shower is your best layout option. Next we'll look at some ideas to help you find the right tiles for your small bathroom:

  • Going for a flush shower tray (installed at floor level) gives the illusion of a larger surface area.
  • If you decide on a bath, freestanding designs can make a small bathroom look bigger than it actually is.
  • If you opt for a shower screen, make sure it's glass.

Small bathroom lighting

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4. Small bathroom lighting

Lighting is key to achieving a warm and welcoming interior design scheme.

  • In the bathroom, you should have natural light as well as two artificial light points, whether over the washbasin or shower,...
  • Indirect lighting or wall lights will help expand the dimensions of the space.
  • And if you can get natural light into the room - even just a skylight - it will have a huge impact on the feeling of comfort and space.

5. The best colours for modern small bathrooms

Next let's take a look at the best colours for modern small bathrooms:

  • White or other lighter shades create an optical illusion, enhancing the natural light and making rooms feel more spacious.
  • Combining white with neutral or pastel hues creates a relaxing and welcoming ambience with a stylish and elegant twist.
  • Light blues and greens are particularly calming, adding to the sense of space.

The best colours for modern small bathrooms

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6. Storage in small bathrooms

When you're dealing with limited dimensions, you need to keep as much space free as possible. You can achieve this in various ways:

  • Fit a shelving unit above the washbasin or the toilet, keeping your bathroom essentials tidy and within easy reach.
  • Installing a shower niche is a great idea; they make the most of redundant space and elevate the aesthetics of the room.
  • Use an under-sink unit to store towels or wicker baskets to use as bathroom organisers. Use smaller handles (or opt for handleless designs, depending on your units) to make units look lighter and less bulky.
  • If you've got some free space, but not enough for a larger bathroom element, you could fit small shelves along the wall.

7. Small bathroom décor

When you're installing accessories in a small bathroom, less is always more. Here are some ideas for simple yet high-impact bathroom décor schemes:

  • If you can, choose bathroom accessories in the same material or colour.
  • Usher nature into the room with a small plant in any untapped space, whether on a shelf or next to the washbasin.
  • A bright and cheery colour palette will make long, narrow bathrooms feel brighter.
  • Don't fill the space with objects; keep it tidy and well-ventilated.

Showers in small bathrooms

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8. Ideas for smaller bathrooms

If you need more ideas to make your small bathroom look more spacious and functional, you might find these tips useful:

  • A wall-mounted toilet lends visual lightness to the space. It also gives you a more modern look and is easier to clean (the dirt won't accumulate).
  • One way to make good use of a corner is installing your washbasin there.
  • Metallic and chrome finishes add brightness and visual interest to the space.
  • Recessed taps (for your shower and/or washbasin) keep surfaces clear, making them an excellent choice for long, narrow bathrooms.
  • Tiling your bathroom up to picture rail height and painting a contrast colour above will help to lengthen and widen the space in a small toilet.
  • Geometric circular or square tiles will give your small bathroom a modern feel.

Small bathroom accessories

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Head to your nearest Porcelanosa store and find a range of small bathrooms with showers. Get ready to see the surprising design potential of small bathrooms.

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