April 14, 2022


Chip & Chop House, a home with simple lines and pure geometry

Designed by architect David Ruiz Molina using collections by PORCELANOSA, the Córdoba home combines whitewashed walls with minimalist spaces that open to the outdoors.

Chip & Chop House in the northwest area of Pozoblanco (Córdoba), is a family home designed and built by architect David Ruiz Molina (DRM Arquitectos) following the principles of harmony and rationalism.

The property offers a new architectural take on the typical Andalusian white house (the colour dominates the façade and whitewashed walls) and features clean and symmetrical lines that usher natural light from the outside in, using collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

An innovative house included in the C-Guide

This effect of 'seeing and being seen' (as the team of architects put it) is the result of its U-shaped structure. This was the take the architect made on a return to the classic housing designs of Córdoba (closed to the exterior, but open to the interior) with the addition of contemporary aesthetics. Thanks to this innovative concept and high build quality, the property has been added to the C-Guide, an international guide compiling the most outstanding works in contemporary global architecture since 1979.

It has two distinct levels, each inter-connected by the courtyard that provides cross-ventilation and serves as a centre point which all rooms lead on to. The simplicity of the home is enhanced by the geometric volumes and a neutral colour scheme in which whites, browns and greys prevail.

In this continuous design, the lower level housing the entrance, kitchen/diner, bedroom and bathroom is seen as an extension of the upper level (study/library, terrace and bathroom).

An internal courtyard made more spacious with PAR-KER®

To achieve the minimalist look, they used PAR-KER® ceramic wood by Porcelanosa and the KRION® Lux K-Life 1100 mineral compact in zones such as the kitchens.

The solid surface, with its white finish and highly resistant properties, makes for brighter, more hygienic rooms (because it's bacteriostatic and almost completely non-porous, it prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria). "The driving force behind the project was to create an experience of being able to see through all the spaces in the house - even more private areas like the bathroom" say DRM Arquitectos.

In the bathrooms, they accentuated the neutral interior design scheme with PAR-KER® ceramic parquet flooring, using it to serve as a common thread throughout the home (flooring throughout), and the Matt ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa feature as a standout decorative element. "The quest for simplicity and privacy gives the project a pure yet radical character, in which the geometry of the simple lines creates a unified volume", stresses the Molina team.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: David Ruiz Molina

Technical architecture: Eusebio Luis Salamanca

Photo: Manolo Espaliú

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