March 5, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Designer’s Spaces 2015 by L’Antic Colonial: Living Atmosphere by Sanahuja & Partners

The Sanahuja & Partners studio is the one in charge of the design of Living Atmosphere, one of the Signature Spaces that have been designed for the L’Antic Colonial showroom, made of natural materials by PORCELANOSA Group.

This team of architects, specialised in single family housing and in rehabilitation, have chosen the creation of a space ‘to live in’, fitting in projects of a different nature because of its multifunctional concept. Hence, Sanahuja & Partners propose a room where the scale of elements –chimney or table- can be changed and so it may serve as the front area of larger spaces, such as a hotel lobby or a waiting room, among others.

With the aim of highlighting the quality of the natural materials used in the definition of this space, a composition of contrasts has been pursued, where the warmth of the hardwood and the timeless beauty of the Kayak Beige Classico marble wall tile – with 30x60x1 cm and 60x60x1 cm pieces-, are in harmony with the modern design of the Lines Safary Modul Brown mosaic by L’Antic Colonial. As far as flooring is concerned, Sanahuja & Partners have chosen a multi-format laying of the new Manhattan Madison and Manhattan Narrow Madison  natural wood parquet by L’Antic Colonial.

Sanahuja & Partners’ Signature Space perfectly portrays the project’s guidelines of this studio that has its headquarters in both Spain and Latin America, and furthermore, it imposes the principles of the Mediterranean culture in all of its works. This Signature Space focuses on location and environment in order to make the most of lighting and natural materials in all of its architectural projects, both public and private work.

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