November 24, 2023


A space to reconnect and discover PORCELANOSA in Guangzhou

The multi-national's new showroom offers a sensory experience that allows visitors to discover all the possibilities of its products and materials.

Guangzhou is one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in China, a commercial and innovation hub that is home to some of the biggest companies and sectors across the globe. Against this backdrop, PORCELANOSA Group recently opened a new showroom at the Louvre Furnishing Art Center.

This surprising space, designed by Chinese studio, ZHJS Design, whose international brand is Freely Build, has been supported by local promoter, Wode. Liu Xiao, director of the studio, explains that this project was born with a very clear objective: "to boldly adopt a combination of minimalist and contemporary styles, respecting the philosophy that PORCELANOSA Group applies to all its projects."

to create a minimalist showroom

The new PORCELANOSA Group showroom in Guangzhou takes visitors on a journey through modern and minimalist style, characterised by right angles and carefully curated lighting. The distribution of the different elements (furniture, openings, etc.) allows visitors to have contact with the large-format XTONE® and Porcelanosa pieces in an intuitive and organic way.

The entrance is defined by a mirror, which creates a boundless visual expansion of the floor, and a suspended wall, leaving open spaces that encourage curiosity. This provision facilitates the flow of transit of people and enhances their perception against the larger surface models. "PORCELANOSA Group offers a wide range of products with exquisite textures that bring a sense of detail and enrich the different spaces of a home," explains Liu Xiao.

Marble effect

During their journey, visitors will find rooms that blend different finishes and nuances together, forming an idea of continuity with the marble aesthetic as the star of the show. Combinations such as Paonazzo Biondo Silk, with brown nuances; and Viola Rosse Silk, with pink tones, both from XTONE®.

Following the same vein, lighting also plays a key role in reinforcing the contrast between the textures of the different rooms. This is also the case in another room, where XTONE® Liem Dark Nature is featured on the ceiling, combined with Stripe Berna Caliza and Mosaico Prada Acero wall tiles by Porcelanosa, with XTONE® Alpi Verde Polished sintered stone for the worktop.

The spaces have been created with the intention of generating a fluid connection between the different areas, which allows visitors to move around without any interruption. This highlights certain areas, including the area that dominates the whole space, shaped by XTONE®'s green worktop and Stripe Berna Caliza rectified ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

Another highlight in certain rooms is the play between dark tones (black, stone grey) and gentle lighting. Just like small stairs that sometimes make it easier to gain access between spaces.

Technology as the main focus

The new Porcelanosa Group space in Guangzhou is the first showroom that uses intelligent interactive displays with sintered mineral pieces. For Liu Xiao, "Everything has been studied and investigated in depth, and every detail is connected to the technology applied to how this material is displayed: a sliding wardrobe, the entrance to an office, the air conditioning outlet, etc." Technology in service of aesthetics "that aligns with the concept of returning to nature, allowing visitors to travel to the original landscape, as the materials present the purest side of nature, with colours that bring people back to that environment."

The showroom becomes an exhibition room, where every detail can be used to customise how the pieces are installed and make observing them as comfortable and functional as possible. "We want customers to really understand the design of the space and the solutions provided, to make all options feel more intuitive," explains Xiao.

A wide variety and richness of materials

Porcelanosa Group has created a space that highlights the richness and variety of its materials. In this regard, Huang Haizhen, project promoter and head of Wode, states, "In 20 years of experience selecting materials, PORCELANOSA Group products have impressed me since the first contact point. Each piece is subtle and exquisite, and doesn't overwhelm visitors. Their placement helps to maintain the atmosphere of the showroom."

"From the start of the project, our team was extremely attentive to respecting its company and human philosophy in its efforts to create products of the highest quality, which coincides perfectly with our own philosophy. When you enter a space created for PORCELANOSA Group products, you really feel that you are in nature. You can find the relaxation and silence offered by this setting," concludes Haizhen.

You can see the full article in Issue 42 of Lifestyle magazine.

Architecture: Zhjs-Design

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