August 11, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Shower Deck shower trays by Butech: exclusive showers with a wood decking appearance

Trends regarding batthrooms design are increasingly focusing on simplification and minimalism. As far as shower trays are concerned, they have re-invented themselves, by being hidden as if they were an extension of the flooring.

In this regard, the most exclusive bathrooms currently bank on visual spaciousness by means of space standardisation, carried out by the installation of hidden shower trays, which without compromising functionality, meet all the contemporary design expectations.

PORCELANOSA Group, by means of firms such as Butech, provides the shower with technical solutions which simplify the design, and at the same time, make it more elegant and sophisticated. The shower deck is an example of a highly-innovative design which offers totally flat shower trays. Water filtration is carried out through open joints, scarcely 3mm-thick joints between ceramic pieces. This way, the shower tray drain remains hidden, thus, achieving a shower tray with a wood decking appearance.

One of the other advantages of this revolutionary prefabricated shower tray, is the fact of having been developed in order to accommodate ceramic tiles without the need of having it stuck onto the shower tray surface. By means of a quick and easy installation, the ceramic tiles are stuck to some guides, so that these are eventually placed on the shower tray. In this regard, they favour the drain cladding and allow for water filtration among open joints in the porcelain.

The tiles, which have been precisely thought up in order to be installed in this Shower deck system are the PAR-KER ceramic parquet and the STON-KER ceramic stone, the latter providing the shower with a warm stony effect. As well as that, the through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek also turns out to be ideal with its excellent designs and its high full-body resistance.

In addition to its easy installation, the Shower deck shower tray, prefabricated in rigid polyurethane and coated with thermoset polymers, ensures easy maintenance as well as resistance. It is resistant to chemical substances, and what is more, we are dealing with a complete waterproofing shower tray. Likewise, it has a high thermal and compaction resistance.

With a paramount aesthetical design and a practical innovative working, this shower tray turns out to be the perfect choice for both modern and creative bathrooms.

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