November 26, 2019


Showcookings, presentations and technical demonstrations: This is XTONExperience

The PORCELANOSA Group company has organised a series of events around Europe to show all the advantages and possible combinations which can be achieved with this large-format porcelain tile.

In the events that were held in the official showrooms in Zaragoza, Bilbao and Nantes, more than 300 architects, designers, interior designers and professionals from the sector were present.

Tell the truth, and explain the facts, based on the experience. That is the objective of XTONExperience, to bring the world of XTONE closer through tangible facts and personal experiences. This is what has happened at the different events that the company, Urbatek, has organised in cities such as Zaragoza, Bilbao and Nantes.


Through an extensive programme consisting of Cooking Talks, product demonstrations and technical talks geared towards professionals in the sector, the people attending the PORCELANOSA Group showrooms (around 300 people per event) during this month of November were able to get to know, analyse and test the qualities and finishes of XTONE. Among them, it is worth highlighting its 100% recyclable composition, its zero porosity, easy cleaning, and its high resistance to UV rays and chemicals, as well as its great bending capability.

The cycle of presentations and showcookings

In order to explain the procedures and applications of XTONE, the professor of the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Moisés Royo, presented several practical examples and different architectural structures that can be achieved with this large-format porcelain tile.


Since this material does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), it removes the growth of fungi and bacteria alike; it is waterproof and highly resistant to high temperatures and scratches. Several renowned chefs such as Olga Vila (Zaragoza), Carolina Ferrer (Bilbao) and Sylvain Vernay (Nantes) performed their latest creations on XTONE worktops, showing the audience the benefits of cooking on this surface, as well as the advantages which involve in large spaces such as industrial kitchens.

Technical and installation demonstrations

The most artistic part of XTONE was shown by several marble workers who have been collaborating with the company throughout these years. This is the case of Cindugranit in Zaragoza, Mármoles Zamar in Bilbao and Marbrerie Pérocheau, Pythagore and Techni Marbre in Nantes, which installed and set up the different areas of the showrooms with porcelain tiles in the 150cm x 300cm format.  Both in Zaragoza and Bilbao, two spacious bathrooms were created while in Nantes, a hall was shaped in which the Premium collections from the company were used.


Great designs for great moments.

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