October 29, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Seattle by Venis: steel ceramic

The durability and resistance of steel, as well as its characteristic metallic aspect, are key factors in the attractiveness of this metal for achieving sophisticated and interesting effects in numerous architectural and interior design projects. However, its difficult repair in case of dents and its high capacity for transmitting heat due to being a conductive metal are some of the characteristics which lead architects and interior designers to avoid the use of this metal, as it is not suitable for the demands of their projects.

Venis has converted this need in the professional sector into an opportunity to offer a solution which retains the aesthetic qualities of steel with the unbeatable technical benefits of ceramic: the Seattle collection.

This new series of floorings and ceramic coverings in a matte finish with a rectified cut expresses an emphatic character with personality in all types of atmospheres, allowing the creation of uniform spaces covered totally by pieces from the Seattle collection. However, for bolder results, you can also choose to use the pieces from this new ceramic series by Venis to mark out areas, or in combination with another type of material such as wood, cement or natural stone.

The Seattle series by Venis is presented in two basic colours: Brown, with degraded ochre and reddish shades which are reminiscent of the rust of corten steel; and Dark, which combines different greyish tones, achieving an effect more similar to steel. Furthermore, the collection is available in two different formats: pieces of 33.3x100cm for wall coverings; and dimensions of 59.6×59.6cm for porcelain tile flooring.

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