April 16, 2020


Safer and more hygienic kitchens to combat COVID-19

Health authorities recommend good personal hygiene and keeping the home clean and tidy to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect our health.

The kitchen, where many of us spend much of our time, can be a source of infection if it is not cleaned thoroughly. Therefore we recommend that you take special care in the kitchen and choose hygienic materials such as the compact mineral Krion™ and models in the Gamadecor range.

During lockdown, the kitchen has become the busiest space in the house and many people are becoming expert cooks, giving free rein to both their imagination and their culinary creativity.

Social networks and internet sites are full of activities such as baking bread and making cakes, muffins or biscuits. In the USA this gastronomic movement has been given the hashtag #coronaviruscooking, uniting people who share their recipes and cookery tips with the community, sparking a revolution that has swept half the planet. Social networks hold the key.

 1 Cocina R3.70 Blanco Snow+R1.70 Etimoe Ice Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Culinary sustainability

Now that we all seem to be competing in MasterChef and that classic family recipes are being shared on Instagram, it is important to maintain certain minimum standards of hygiene and safety. We therefore recommend that you use safer and cleaner materials that allow you to cook safely to cope with COVID-19 and confinement with healthy, good food.

In Gamadecor kitchens, order and sustainability are the key ingredients. Their straight lines, neutral colours and large surfaces make cooking a real pleasure.

6 Cocina R3.70 Blanco Snow+R1.70 Etimoe Ice Gamadecor Porcelanosa

The storage systems in Residence kitchens, and the new R1.70 Etimoe Ice kitchen, allow you to distribute kitchen utensils logically and conveniently. The drawers, which support up to 80 kilos, are built using the Nova Pro Scala model by Grass. They have a dark grey finish and aluminium sides that facilitate a soft-close action.

The Krion company has also developed more hygienic and resistant worktops which is necessary at this time more than ever when the health authorities recommend extreme cleanliness in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The non-porous compact mineral material is highly resistant to knocks, scratches or stains and does not allow bacteria to accumulate on the surface, making cleaning easier. The new chef’s best ally.

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