February 20, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


RONDA wall tiles by Porcelanosa: Mediterranean shades as watercolours

Showing emotions through colour. The new Ronda ceramic wall tile by Porcelanosa has been inspired by the brightness and colour from watercolours in order to create a unique canvas which can enhance any atmosphere.

As with the Sevilla wall tile, with a more homogeneous sharp colour, Ronda meets the requirements of a rectangular piece divided into 6 squares, three at the top and three at the bottom, with a size of 20cm×31.6cm.

Unlike the colour homogeneity of the aforementioned wall tile, Ronda combines two very dissolved tones. The overlapping of transparent layers with slight bright finishes makes it possible for the piece to achieve neutral or lively tones depending on the light effect.

The mixture of brightness and colour in the Ronda wall tile make it possible for a rectified single fired wall tile to be achieved with an incomparable brightness which, results in being ideal when decorating walls where there is incoming light, where combining the light is very much sought after.

Six tones with Mediterranean light

Ronda White

This one is the most impressive, attractive and splendid of all the tones. Ronda combines opaque watercolour transparencies with white to create a neutral combination which is full of character and detail, which reminds us of the light and the reflections from the Mediterranean Sea.

Ronda Grey

The colour combination created by the Ronda collection depending on the light effect, make cold colours such as grey achieve real fineness. Ronda Grey, combined with white and the most well-lit areas, is able to convey the elegance of grey without foregoing a cosy space.

Ronda Aqua

Fresh, pure and clean, Ronda Aqua is inspired by the sky and the Mediterranean Sea, which results in a wall tile with a space balance being created, which provides a sensation of calmness through a tone showing character, nature and distinction.

Ronda Sand

With a weak saturation and neutral colouring, the Ronda Sand wall tile includes different levels of beige intensity which convey the warmth and fineness of the sand from the Mediterranean Sea.

Ronda Mint

Finally, the boldest touch coming from the Ronda collection is done by the Mint colour tone. We are dealing with a colour which achieves in playing a major role when being combined with neutral tones, and what is more, it combines perfectly with other deeper and impressive colours.

Ronda Red

The latest colour to be included is “Red”, whose shades and pigments are based on the Ferrari red colour. This lively intense red colour shows all its strength when combined with white coverings, therefore, it offers a very exclusive decorative design with character.

This way, Ronda offers a huge number of decorative possibilities with its real watercolour touch which provides any space in the house with uniqueness and colour.

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