July 4, 2019 | Updated: December 9, 2021


Rimless toilets: technology for effective bowl cleaning

Noken has the efficient Rimless self-cleaning system in its compact Forma, Essence-C Compact and Acro Compact series.

This technology for toilets allows water to run fast inside of the bowl; reaching every part and ensuring greater hygiene.

The smart toilets of the future focus on the application of technology enhancing comfort, which makes hygiene and cleanliness easier in the bathroom. The new Rimless NK-Clean toilets by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms allow for high efficiency in the internal cleaning of the bowl, due to its format and a new water circulation system.


What is a Rimless toilet?

Unlike traditional toilets, Rimless models do not have a flange that makes water circulation difficult, which causes a build-up of dirt. The inner wall of the bowl is completely uniform, which prevents the formation of angles and hidden places.

Another feature of Rimless Nk-Clean is that the water enters fast and symmetrically on both sides, making a complete 360º course, which results in even higher parts being reached. The splash problems which the Rimless system had at the beginning have been sorted out by Noken, thanks to its continuous commitment to R + D + I; creating aesthetically elegant, ecological and functional designs.

Future models for home cleaning

The ultimate expression of this technology for the bathroom is the Rimless Forma toilet. Its simple lines are focused on comfort for people through an ECO friendly design.

Recently, Noken has expanded its Rimless model catalogue with new series for compact bathrooms: Essence-C Compact and Acro Compact.

Essence-C Compact maintains the original design of the collection with a lower projection: 51cm. It is available in wall-hung and floor standing versions. The new Acro Compact is an even smaller version, being only 49cm deep.

Both belong to the WaterForest range by Noken, a product line based on sustainability. Its ECO double flushing system (4.5-3 litres) allows a water saving up to of 56%, adapting to each and every need.

Another advantage of these Rimless toilets is their Soft-Close cushioned closure. Thanks to this technology, which is applied to the hinge, the movement is both smooth and silent, which prevents any abruptness, but at the same time, improves its maintenance.

These elements and the rest of the Noken pieces are made with Noken CeramicTM. A sanitary ceramic with high quality, whiteness and resistance, whose raw material is selected after a strict internal control. The hypoallergenic material, remains unaltered by the non-porous vitrification which is achieved during treatment.

Practicality, maximum hygiene and greater safety in the bathroom.

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